Real face of Israeli soldier revealed in Gaza war: theft, burglary and confiscation of property

Aseel Abu Zaida, 19, a Palestinian pharmacy student who lives in the al-Fallujah neighborhood in the Jabaliya area of ​​the northern Gaza Strip, was not concerned with the content of the rousing speech delivered by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. day, nor his efforts to calm the anger of the families of the 139 Israelis detained in the Gaza Strip since the May 7 attack. October 2023. His only concern was survival with the rest of his family after the bombing of his uncle's house, where the family took refuge in the Jabaliya camp, which led to the death of his brother Muhammad (16), his cousin Shams Salem (13 year) and his grandfather's wife was martyred. Maryam Salem (55 years old), left her two brothers Abdullah (14 years old) and Osama (7 years old) with head injuries after they were recovered from under the debris.

Hoping to escape the horrors of Israeli bombardment from the air, sea and land, Aseel, her sister Mace (9 years old) and their mother Khawla (46 years old) followed what was said in leaflets dropped by Israeli planes . , The family took the displacement route south on 22 November with dozens of other Palestinian families via the Salah al-Din Road in hopes of reaching Khan Yunis or Rafah.

epa11108556 Internally displaced Palestinians walk past Israeli tanks after the Israeli army asked residents of the Khan Younis camp to leave their homes and head towards the Rafah camps near the Egyptian border, southern Gaza Strip, January 27, 2024.  07 October 2023 1.9 million people, or more than 85 percent of the population, have been displaced throughout the Gaza Strip, some more than once, according to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), which said The majority of civilians in Gaza are said to be in 'desperate need of humanitarian assistance and protection'.  EPA-EFE/MD Saber EPA-EFE/MD Saber
Palestinians moved from Khan Younis camp towards Rafah on 24 January, based on instructions from the Israeli army (Europeans)

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