Italian Jews stand in solidarity with Gaza and despise Netanyahu

54 Italian Jews called on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to stop the war on the Gaza Strip, and he also urged Jews around the world to consider the serious implications of the current tragedy on the future in an open letter published by Italian newspapers . “Il Fatto Quotidiano” on the occasion of International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

“What is the value of memory if it does not stop the death in Gaza and the West Bank?”. In the titled letter, the signatories wrote that the attack last October 7 had shaken them as violently as they had been shaken by crimes committed abroad. In Gaza and the occupied West Bank, Netanyahu wants – according to him – to prolong the war in order to remain in power.

The authors of the letter – who describe themselves as secular Jews and are involved in the organization “Jewish Voice for Peace” – accused Netanyahu of finding no political way out of the war, and expressed regret at part of Israeli society and many Jews around the world. Expressed. Realize the tragedy of what is happening and its implications for the future.

pointless discussion

According to the signatories, discussing whether war crimes committed by Israel in Gaza are classified as genocide will not help alleviate the suffering of Palestinian victims, hostages and their families.

At a time when the world's Jews observe “International Holocaust Remembrance Day” (January 27), the occasion cannot be reduced to a mere ritual, the signatories wrote.

He also called for the day to be restored to its original spirit, which was intended – when its establishment was announced 24 years ago – to be an occasion “not only for the Jewish people, but to prevent this from happening again.” To consider what happened”, but of all people, to ask “What is the use of memory?” Today, if you do not succeed in stopping the production of death in Gaza and the West Bank?

The signatories criticized Israel's use of victim rhetoric and anti-Semitism to justify its crimes, and wrote that the resistance attack was “an example of a strategy used to ignore the pain of others, dehumanize the vulnerable, and perpetrate violence against them.” There can be no excuse.”

The signatories also distanced themselves from references included in a statement by the Federation of Jewish Communities in Italy that classified any criticism of Israel as anti-Semitism, saying: “We condemn anti-Semitism. We know very well what that means, and we will not do it.” Tolerate its use.”

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