Israel has moved to close and impose sanctions on the UNRWA headquarters in occupied Jerusalem

The Israeli occupation government has taken steps to ban the work of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in Occupied Jerusalem (UNRWA), Israeli media reported.

Anatolia Agency indicated that the move to impose restrictions on the UN agency's activity comes in the context of a provocation campaign led by the extreme right, taking advantage of allegations made by Israel against UNRWA in the Gaza Strip, which have not proven true Is.

UNRWA runs the Shuafat refugee camp, the only camp in East Jerusalem. Apart from being headquartered in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood, it also runs several schools and medical clinics.

Media sources indicate that Israeli authorities have taken the following steps to close and restrict the agency's work in East Jerusalem:

  • A draft law to halt the agency's operations in East Jerusalem was presented to the Israeli Legislative Affairs Ministerial Committee the day before, on Sunday, and was approved.
  • The draft law will be presented to the Israeli Knesset for preliminary reading tomorrow, Wednesday.
  • The draft law must be approved in three readings before it becomes final law, and voting dates are not yet clear.
  • Yesterday, Monday, Housing Minister Rabbi Yitzhak Godkoff issued instructions to the director of the so-called “Israel Land Authority,” Yankee Quint, to vacate the UNRWA administration headquarters.
  • He also issued an order to immediately stop all Israeli land contracts signed with UNRWA.
  • A further order to immediately remove the agency from all land it leases and uses in Israel.

The Israeli Housing Minister said in a letter addressed to the director of the so-called “Israel Land Authority”: “I am communicating with you, by virtue of my position as Chairman of the Israel Land Council, regarding the land in question.” Authority that is used by UNRWA. I would like to immediately halt all Israeli land contracts with the criminal organization UNRWA, and remove them… from the land it leased and from all lands used by the agency in the State of Israel.”

He specifically mentioned the agency's main headquarters in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, as well as the agency's headquarters in the Kafr Aqab neighborhood, north of East Jerusalem.

“I would like to receive immediately full details of all contracts and rents concluded for the benefit of UNRWA, as well as the expiration dates of the contracts, whether in Maalot Dafna (settlement),” the Israeli occupation housing minister wrote. neighborhoods in Jerusalem (referring to Sheikh Jarrah headquarters) and Kafr Aqab.”

Since 26 January, 18 countries in addition to the European Union have suspended their funding to UNRWA against the backdrop of Israeli allegations that staff working for the agency have launched attacks on Israeli settlements in the Gaza Strip on 7 October. Took part in the attack. The agency announced that it would investigate the Israeli allegations.

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