Houthis target a cargo ship in the Red Sea

The Houthis fired two missiles at an Iran-bound cargo ship in the Red Sea yesterday, Monday, causing minor damage to the ship but no casualties, US military officials said.

US Central Command said- on social networking site

Reuters quoted Central Command officials as saying that reports from the ship indicated that it was seaworthy, suffered minor damage and there were no casualties among the crew members, indicating that “Star Iris” The destination was Bandar Imam Khomeini in Iran.

Houthi military spokesman Yahya Sari announced that the US ship “Star Iris” was targeted by missiles in the Red Sea, and said that the attack resulted from a direct attack.

The military spokesman reiterated his affirmation that the Houthis will continue their campaign against Israeli ships until the aggression against Gaza stops.

US Central Command and Kepler Analytics and Data Group reported that the “Star Iris” was carrying a shipment of corn from Brazil to Iran.

going to iran

Reuters quoted sources in the shipping sector as saying that the attack yesterday morning was the first time that the Houthis had targeted an Iran-bound ship since the Houthis began their attacks on international shipping traffic in solidarity with the Palestinians. Background of the war launched by Israel against Gaza.

“Like all cargo ships bound for Iran, the Star Iris did not sail away from the Red Sea, perhaps because it did not fear attacks from the Houthis, who considered it favorable given the ship's destination,” said senior agriculture expert Ishan Bhanu. could go.” Commodity Analyst at Kepler.

“Brazil's exports are a major contributor to Iran's maize imports and are expected to reach 4.5 million tonnes this year,” he added.

Reuters quoted a security official in the region as saying that the attack was apparently aimed “to show that Iran does not control the Houthis and that they are acting independently,” noting that the Houthis had attacked Tehran before. Just informed.

This comes in the context of the escalation that is being witnessed in the area due to Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip for more than 4 months.

Since the beginning of last December, the Houthi group claimed responsibility for targeting 20 ships in the areas of the Red Sea and the Bab al-Mandab strait using missiles and drones, as part of its measures to intercept Israeli ships or ships sailing towards them Is. Prevent passage to Israeli ports.

It is noteworthy that American and British forces attacked Houthi positions in Yemen three times since January 12. American forces alone have periodically attacked missiles that were said to be ready for launch.

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