Biden and Abdullah II discuss developments in Gaza and warn against attack on Rafah

US President Joe Biden said – after discussions with Jordan's King Abdullah II at the White House – that his country is working on a deal to release the hostages, which would lead to about 6 weeks of peace, indicating that The Israeli military must ensure the safety of civilians during the operation. Army in Rafah.

The US president said he spoke to the leaders of Egypt and Qatar in addition to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during this month to hammer out the deal.

He stressed, “The elements of the agreement are on the table and loopholes still remain, but I encourage Israeli leaders to move forward to reach an agreement. The United States will make every effort to achieve it.” “

Biden pointed out that the United States opposes the forced displacement of Gaza residents, and said it should provide protection to the more than one million displaced Palestinians in Rafah.

humanitarian disaster

For his part, the Jordanian king said humanity could not afford the cost of any attack on Rafah, adding that any Israeli attack on Rafah would lead to a “humanitarian catastrophe”.

He said he views with great concern the potential threat of displacing Palestinians outside Gaza and the West Bank, stressing that this is something that cannot be allowed, and stressed that That there can be no peace without a political horizon.

For its part, the White House said in a statement that the president and Jordan's king discussed the importance of stability in the West Bank and the Middle East more broadly, with Biden emphasizing the importance of maintaining the status quo during the meeting. Holy Mosque.

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