Because it harms its security… Israel is considering closing the offices of a foreign media channel

The Knesset General Assembly has approved a draft law giving the communications minister powers to prevent foreign broadcasters from harming security, as well as ordering the closure of the offices of a foreign media channel based in Israel and restricting access to its website. Approved in first reading. ,

The Knesset General Assembly approved in the first reading a draft law prohibiting a foreign broadcasting organization from compromising Israel's security, according to the official Knesset website. The proposal received the support of 25 members of the Knesset against 4 opposition, and will be referred to the Foreign Affairs and Security Committee for discussion.

The draft law provides for the communications minister to have powers to order a foreign channel to cease broadcasting, close its offices in Israel and confiscate its equipment.

It also orders the removal of its website if the server on which the website is stored is located in Israel or is under the control of a person or registered company located in Israel, or alternatively restricts access to the above channel's website. .

According to the proposal, a condition for the Communications Minister to exercise his powers is a statement by the Defense Minister that he is convinced that the broadcasting of foreign channels to Israel does indeed harm security, and approval of the exercise of the power. Should be done with. Defense Minister and Ministerial Committee on Security.

The proposed law states that the law will be valid for a temporary period of 3 months or “until the expiry date of the declaration of special situation on the home front or the end of any major military operation, whichever is earlier”.

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