Will 2024 be the year of artificial intelligence?

Every New Year experts try to predict the future. When it comes to technology news, some bloggers are content to speculate about what the new iPhone will look like. But in 2024, the technology most people are talking about won't be a gadget, but an alternative, AI-powered future, which many in Silicon Valley predict will be inevitable in the coming months. will be.

In a report published by the Fox website, writer Adam Clark Estes said: The rise of artificial intelligence is not the only big prediction made by experts for the coming year, but it is the most important.

Artificial intelligence…the new glue

The list of predictions shows mostly big things, like the continued fragmentation of social media, Apple's mixed reality headsets, spaceships, and of course artificial intelligence. But the interesting thing is that artificial intelligence connects all these things in the same way as the advent of the Internet connected all the big predictions of that period.

It is not certain what artificial intelligence will actually bring. Maybe 2024 will be the year of artificial intelligence, but 2023 was also supposed to be the year of artificial intelligence. Despite hundreds of billions of dollars flowing into the industry, we still don't feel that artificial intelligence is changing our lives.

When GPT launched in late 2022, there was widespread consensus that 2023 would be the year that generative AI would go mainstream, and now it looks like 2024 will be the year that this technology gets really cool and starts to change things. Will do it. The way we do absolutely everything.

When GPT Chat was launched, there were expectations that artificial intelligence would become mainstream in 2023, but that didn't happen (Shutterstock)

How did artificial intelligence come into our lives?

The author says that if your job involves computers, you've probably already noticed some changes. A whole range of AI-powered chatbots exist, like Microsoft's Copilot digital assistant, that can help you summarize meeting notes or create a presentation that will make your boss happy that you're getting more done in less time, And you should like it because it… makes your job easier.

Either way, with billions of dollars of money flowing from investors into AI companies, we can all expect these tools to be in abundance this year.

As for his predictions for the year 2024, Eric Brynjolfsson, director of the Digital Economy Laboratory at Stanford University, said he expects companies to adopt the technology on a large scale that will begin to provide some of the long-awaited productive tools. Was staying. Time that will make our jobs better and allow us to do new things that weren't possible before. We can do it earlier also.

The author stressed that this prediction will be at least partially correct, no matter what happens this year. You can see similar predictions among experts who are encouraging big changes in AI, including seasoned technology journalists like Casey Newton and Alex Kantrowitz, as well as think tank powerhouses like Gartner and McKinsey, and they're all talking about this. Agree that AI will achieve… some technological leaps and advancements will have a significant impact.

Election year raises concerns

Everyone should be concerned in an AI-driven election year. According to the author, one of the areas where we could see artificial intelligence becoming powerful is an area we don't want at all, which is elections.

We know that 2024 will be the biggest election year in history, with a billion people going to the polls, including in the United States. A bigger fear is that AI, coupled with the collapse of surveillance at social media companies, will be used to flood the sector with what AI expert Oren Etzioni describes as a “tsunami of misinformation”.

Although this prediction is negative, it is not hard to believe, because generative AI tools can generate realistic fake images, audio clips, and even video clips with remarkable efficiency.

This has already begun, as the Republican National Committee released an ad created by artificial intelligence last April that featured fake images of US President John Biden as well as the American dystopia that would follow his re-election. : Were going to arise from the election.

The state of Arizona created its own fake information with artificial intelligence, then tried to fool election officials in a two-day simulation aimed at preparing them for this year's flood of misinformation.

Suffice it to say that the type of AI tools needed to make these ads more credible have gotten better and more alarming over the last year, and if the experts are right, then according to the author, they'll get a lot better this year. Will happen.

The Republican National Committee published an ad created by artificial intelligence showing fake photos of US President John Biden (French)

“Delirium”…the source of evil

The author points out that there is something else to worry about, which is “delirium.” One of the main shortcomings of generative AI technology like GBT Chat at this time is its tendency to delve into or fabricate information.

As artificial intelligence is being hailed as a way to improve the way we find information, accidentally encountering fake information could be as big a problem as deliberate misinformation.

Google and Microsoft are already using artificial intelligence to provide answers to search queries, including artificial intelligence generated content, and it's hard to overstate how full of nonsense it all is.

Legislation and regulation are coming

The author said the threat of misinformation is one of a long list of reasons that have led lawmakers in Washington and around the world to struggle to regulate artificial intelligence. The European Union is drafting the world's first comprehensive AI legislation, although the capabilities of the technology are likely to outpace new policies before they can be implemented.

The report said that US President John Biden is also determined to begin the process of building a regulatory framework for artificial intelligence in the United States, as he did last October on the development and use of artificial intelligence in a safe and trustworthy manner. Executive order was signed. , and Congress is expected to resume discussing intelligence in 2024.

The year 2024 is important for Artificial Intelligence

The impact of AI will continue to grow, but this year there may be huge controversy over responsible AI, and a collective fear that super-AI could destroy society as we know it.

But according to Fox's report, it's not all bad. According to the author, it is too early to know what will make the year 2024 extraordinary, and it may not. Perhaps elections around the world will be unimpeded, and perhaps relatively free of misinformation.

Perhaps by December, work will remain the same and AI chatbots will no longer be our new companions. But as the months pass, the future remains unknown, surprising things happen and predictions prove wrong.

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