Why do the Taliban oppose the appointment of a UN peace envoy to Afghanistan?

Kabul – Next week, Qatar's capital, Doha, will host the second round of a UN meeting to review the situation in Afghan territories, and announce the appointment of a Special Envoy of the UN Secretary-General for Peace and Reconciliation Affairs in Afghanistan . Start a national dialogue to form an inclusive government.

Dialogue is an essential part of the Special Representative's mission, and the decision to appoint him comes after UN Secretary-General Coordinator Feridun Sinirlioglu submitted a report to Antonio Guterres following a 7-month study of the situation in Afghanistan. ,

Guterres sent the report to the Security Council to take a decision on this and after a meeting held on January 8 to discuss it, the Council approved the decision to appoint a Special Representative for Afghanistan, who is an expert in the humanitarian field. Has the necessary experience in rights and international issues, peace affairs and conflict resolution.

A Taliban delegation led by Afghan Deputy Prime Minister (right) Abdul Salam Hanafi during peace talks in Doha (France)

fat chance

Many Afghans believe the roadmap announced weeks ago by the United Nations confirms that the international community still cares about the Afghan file in the wake of the Ukraine crisis, Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip and tensions in the Red Sea. This is a great opportunity which the current government and those opposing it should take advantage of for the benefit of Afghanistan.

He also believes that the Taliban movement needs international recognition of its government, the lifting of international sanctions on Afghan banks and travel permits for its officials, and that the Afghan people need a constitution that reflects their political and social rights. Take control of life and feel safe in your own country. And don't think about immigration, explaining that implementing the map provides a reasonable solution to the crisis. Afghan.

In this context, Abdul Karim Khorram, director of the office of former Afghan President Hamid Karzai, told Al Jazeera Net that, in the last two years, the Security Council issued 4 lethal decisions regarding Afghanistan.

He believes this is proof that the international community cares about the Afghan issue, that the United Nations has drawn up a road map out of the current crisis and the Security Council has approved it, and that representatives The mission of the UN Secretary-General this time is different from last time, “and now the ball is in the court of Afghans to decide how to benefit from this.”

The Afghan government, through its Foreign Minister Amir Khan Mottaki, announced that it rejects the appointment of a UN Special Representative, and that it will not have any dealings with him because the appointment is an “unnecessary step”.

Mottaki told Al Jazeera Net, “We welcome the positive points in the report of the Coordinator-General of the United Nations in light of the presence of our mission. There is no need to appoint another representative, and the United Nations “States can continue their activities in Afghanistan through their mission offices in the country.”

It is understandable that the Taliban movement is concerned about the appointment of this special envoy, whose primary mission is to initiate a national dialogue between the Taliban and its adversaries and form a comprehensive government that represents all sections of the Afghan people, regardless of the movement. Is. Claiming that it has formed a government that includes all ethnicities present in the country, and that it controls all Afghan land. This ended a war that had lasted for more than four decades.

internal matter

Zakir Jalali, an Afghan Foreign Ministry official, told Al Jazeera Net: “The basic question is: What is the need to appoint another special representative? What will be his mission? All the reasons mentioned to justify his appointment are the same as the current one.” The mission is functioning, and the Afghan government is ready to discuss all outstanding issues with the society.” “International affairs through bilateral channels, and if the representatives want to discuss internal issues, we are not ready because it is an internal matter and not the concern of foreigners.”

If opponents of the Afghan government are able to unite their ranks against the Taliban, the appointment of the special representative will be a real challenge for the movement as it has been ignoring opponents since coming to power in 2021.

International relations researcher Najeeb Karimi believes that the Taliban ignores its opponents and does not allow them to play their political role in Afghanistan, and the appointment of a UN special representative would provide an international platform for these opponents. , and will deal with them. A legitimate party in the Afghan file, and that's not what the Taliban want.

He told Al Jazeera Net that what is different about the new representative's mission is that he will travel between international capitals to discuss the Afghan peace process, while the UN's mission is to monitor internal affairs in Afghanistan.

As for writer and political researcher Ramzan Sharifi, he told Al Jazeera Net, “Whether the Taliban accepts it or not, the UN will appoint a special representative for Afghanistan, and at the Doha meeting, the international community will agree on the road map that the country will follow.” leads to conflict resolution.”

A UN source – who preferred to remain anonymous – told Al Jazeera Net that in addition to UN Special Coordinator Feridun Sinirlioglu, there are others from Turkey, the Emirates, Jordan, Japan and Norway who have been named as special envoys. being done. Afghanistan. He revealed that Sinirlioglu and current UAE representative to the UN Lana Zaki Nusseibeh are among the candidates.

FILE - Taliban flags are raised at the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan on September 9, 2021.  The UN human rights chief said the Taliban have launched a systematic attack on the freedom of the people of Afghanistan, including women and girls.
The Afghan government believes its foreign policy strategy and establishing relations with neighboring countries is successful (Associated Press)

Essential Functions

A contact group of six regional countries will be formed in the Doha meeting and its mission will be to contact the Taliban and the international community. Representatives of the permanent members of the Security Council, Norway, Canada, Pakistan, Iran and representatives of civil society will participate in the meeting.

The UN invited Afghan Foreign Minister Amir Khan Mottaki to the meeting, but a Foreign Ministry source told Al Jazeera Net, “The Afghan government wants to reach a compromise with the international community and neighboring countries, but the minister's participation has not yet been confirmed.” happened.”

The main task of the Doha meeting is to complete and finalize the third and fourth parts of the Doha Agreement between the Taliban and the United States, which reaffirmed the beginning of intra-Afghan negotiations, the end of the conflict, and the approval of the Taliban. Political road map for the future of Afghanistan.

A source in the Taliban's political office in Doha – who preferred to remain anonymous – told Al Jazeera Net that the agenda of the meeting included four basic issues, which are:

  • Appointment of a Special Representative to the United Nations.
  • Creating a contact group consisting of different countries.
  • To establish a mechanism to deal between the Taliban and the opposition.
  • If this process goes along, then providing incentives to the Taliban in various areas.

He says appointing a special representative would achieve nothing without Taliban support, and “so far, Kandahar has not been given the green light to participate in the meeting.”

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