Washington sends Burns to Cairo and is optimistic about talks

The United States acknowledged on Monday that it was still possible for the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) and Israel to reach a prisoner exchange deal and establish a cease-fire in Gaza, while CIA Director William Burns was expected to arrive in Cairo on Tuesday to attend. hopefully. In the ongoing conversation on this file. Through Qatari mediation.

US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said, “The resolution, which came in response to Hamas, contained many untenable provisions, but we believe it is possible to reach an agreement and we will continue our efforts to achieve it.” “

Miller said the US believes reaching a cease-fire and agreement on prisoners would have great benefits, “not just for the hostages being released, but for humanitarian efforts in Gaza and beginning to seek a real and lasting solution.” Also for our capacity.” This struggle.”

The proposal, which was first put forward during talks in Paris and brought together Burns with senior Israeli, Qatari and Egyptian officials, calls for a temporary halt to fighting between the two sides and an exchange of prisoners. Does.

Hamas responded by accepting the proposal in principle and demanding the release of key Palestinian prisoners and the withdrawal of Israeli occupation forces from Gaza Strip cities, but Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected Hamas' response to the proposal. Gave in and promised to “compromise”. A fatal blow to the movement.”

Burns is expected to arrive in Cairo on Tuesday to hold fresh rounds of talks on the Qatari-brokered deal, sources familiar with the developments said.

Last night, Israel launched intense airstrikes on Rafah, killing more than 100 Palestinians. He said he was able to free two of the more than 130 prisoners detained in the strip, according to figures from his army.

additional suffering

Israel is pushing for a ground campaign in Rafah in southern Gaza, while the United States and Western countries plan to attack more than a million Palestinians who have gathered in the city after fleeing the devastating war launched by Israel in northern Gaza. Has warned. The strip, which has resulted in the deaths of more than 28,000 Palestinians so far.

“Our assessment is that this airstrike is not the beginning of a larger-scale attack in Rafah,” Miller said. He said Washington would make clear over the weekend that it does not support launching a large-scale military operation in Rafah “without any credible plan.”

The Israeli raid on Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, should not affect talks to reach an agreement on a ceasefire and the release of detainees, a US official said.

He said any military action in Rafah must be accompanied by a credible strategy to protect the more than one million people in Rafah and guarantees of access to aid.

The US Department of Defense (Pentagon) said it continues to talk to the Israelis about the importance of taking civilians into account within the framework of their military plans, indicating that it does not want to see any additional humanitarian suffering against residents. Is. Gaza.

In a related context, Democratic Representative Pamela Jayapal said it is time for US President Joe Biden and Congress to publicly refuse any military aid to Israel.

In turn, Democratic Senator Chris Van Hollen urged the President not to deliver any weapons to Israel unless it allows more aid to Gaza.

He said that children in Gaza are dying because of deliberate deprivation of food, and that this is a war crime. He demanded from the President that Netanyahu immediately allow more food and supplies into Gaza, noting that “Netanyahu has always thanked us for the military assistance provided and rejected our requests to protect civilians.”

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