urgent CNN: Rescue of two prisoners in Rafah could lead to the death of 100 Palestinians


The US CNN network quoted a senior official of President Joe Biden's administration as saying that yesterday, on Sunday, the rescue operation of two Israeli captives in Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, may have killed about 100 Palestinians, and we are about it. I am worried.

The Israeli Broadcasting Authority said Tel Aviv informed Cairo during the release of detainees in Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, and assured it that the case was an isolated incident and not the beginning of a broader process.

white House:

  • We express our joy at the success of the Israeli army in freeing the Israelis in Rafah.
  • The crisis in the Gaza Strip will not end until Hamas releases all prisoners.
  • President Biden and members of his team are working around the clock to ensure and secure the release of detainees.
  • We have to accept that some detainees may have died in Gaza and we do not have specific information about their whereabouts.
  • We do not want a major military operation in Rafah without an implementable plan and ensuring the protection of civilians.
  • We do not want to see the death of any civilian, whether Palestinian or Israeli.
  • There has been progress in our efforts to reach an agreement on an extended ceasefire and the release of all detainees.
  • We cannot confirm that civilians were killed in Rafah, but we do not want to see any civilian deaths.
  • President Biden has been clear about our concerns regarding civilian casualties and damage to civilian infrastructure.
  • We want the war in Gaza to stop, and the first step to that is an extended ceasefire, the release of all prisoners and the entry of aid.

Details coming soon..

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