These are symptoms of weak pelvic floor muscles

Dr. Wolfgang Baumann said the pelvic floor is the muscular plate that defines the lower part of the pelvis, and this applies to both men and women.

The German urology and andrology expert explained that the structure of the pelvic floor in men is completely different from that of women, because the prostate is the main organ in the pelvic floor in men, while the uterus represents the main organ in the pelvic floor. women.

pregnancy and birth

Bowman said the pelvic floor muscles in women weaken after pregnancy and childbirth, which can be evidenced by back pain and herniated discs, as well as losing urine control when sneezing, coughing, laughing, jumping or lifting heavy objects.


In men, the pelvic floor muscles become weak after prostatectomy, for example, due to prostate cancer.

Symptoms of weak pelvic floor muscles in men include urinary incontinence and back pain.

strengthening pelvic floor muscles

To avoid these health problems, women after childbirth and men after prostatectomy should continue to exercise to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Such as: Pelvic lift exercise.

To perform this exercise, the person lies on his back with his legs bent and placed near the buttocks, then he moves the seat upward so that he is raised.
Off the ground, thighs and upper body form a straight line.

It is possible to practice sports that strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Such as: fitness exercises as well as endurance sports, such as running, walking, swimming and cycling. Like Pilates.

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