The world is warning and Israel is preparing to attack Rafah

International warnings continued about a possible Israeli occupation forces invasion of the city of Rafah, filled with people displaced from several areas of the Gaza Strip due to Israeli aggression, while the occupation government appealed to UN agencies to cooperate with it. Evacuate the city.

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Turk, acknowledged that the prospect of a full Israeli incursion into Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip was “terrible”, adding, “We can only imagine what awaits us.”

He explained that “in light of the massacre that has taken place so far in Gaza, it makes us fully imagine what awaits us in Rafah.”

“The incursion into Rafah could mean the end of what little aid is entering Gaza, and carrying out such an operation in Rafah under the current circumstances risks further crimes,” the Turks said in a statement on Monday.

The UN commissioner urged world powers to work to “contain rather than enable” with growing fears of imminent ground incursions into the region, where more than a million Palestinians are being held in the southern Gaza Strip by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Has been surrounded. A ground attack.

He added, “Any potential large-scale military incursion into Rafah – where approximately 1.5 million Palestinians have gathered at the Egyptian border without anywhere else to flee – is catastrophic, given the potential for very large numbers of civilian deaths and injuries.” Given the possibility, and here too the majority of them are civilians.” Unfortunately, children and women.”

He said, “In addition to the pain and suffering caused by bombs and bullets, this incursion into Rafah could also mean stopping the little humanitarian aid that was entering and being distributed, resulting in the destruction of hundreds of thousands of people, including “The impact on the Gaza Strip will be huge.” Thousands of people “in the north” are at risk of starvation and famine.

Turki said, “My office has repeatedly warned against actions that violate the laws of war. The possibility of such operations taking place in Rafah under the current circumstances risks leading to more brutal crimes.”

He explained, “Those who disregard international law have been warned, and warnings must be followed by accountability, and the world must not let this happen, and must control rather than enable influential people, and an immediate ceasefire.” Should be.” And all hostages must be released.” “And there must be a renewed collective determination to reach a political solution.”

For his part, Karim Khan, the International Criminal Court prosecutor, said, “I am deeply concerned about the bombing in Rafah and the possible Israeli ground incursion,” vowing to pursue any parties that violate international laws.

Khan said in a statement published on the X platform that his office's investigation into Gaza “is moving forward as a matter of utmost urgency.”

EU Foreign Policy Commissioner Josep Borrell also warned of a humanitarian disaster that he said was about to occur in the city of Rafah, calling on European officials to do more than just express their concern.

Borrell said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu doesn't listen to anyone, and he doesn't respond to the EU's repeated calls not to target civilians.

israeli plan

Meanwhile, Israeli government spokesman Alon Levy accused UN agencies working in the Gaza Strip of hindering Israel's efforts to provide protection to civilians in Rafah, he claimed.

Levy said in an interview with the American CNN network that Israel wants to provide safe corridors for the evacuation of civilians so that Hamas does not use them as human shields, as he said.

The Israeli government spokesman also appealed to UN agencies to cooperate with Israel regarding a plan being developed by the occupation forces to evacuate civilians from the city of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip.

“Don't say it can't be done, join us to reach solutions,” Levy said. He said international officials “are asking Israel not to attack because civilians will be harmed, but are opposing efforts to move civilians out of harm's way.” “Participants in the human shield strategy adopted by the movement.”

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In a related context, Doctors Without Borders described Israel's announced ground attack on Rafah as devastating, stressed that it should not proceed with it, and called on Israel to stop it immediately.

Doctors Without Borders called on all supporting governments, including the United States, to take concrete steps towards a ceasefire, noting that political rhetoric is not enough.

He said there is no safe place in Gaza, repeated forced displacement has pushed people towards Rafah, and they are trapped in a small plot of land with no choice.

Doctors Without Borders reported that the needs are immense, and the situation requires a very large-scale, safe humanitarian response in the Gaza Strip.

Amnesty International published an investigation stating that new evidence emerged regarding 4 Israeli raids on Rafah last December and January, which resulted in the deaths of at least 95 civilians, including 42 children.

Amnesty said the investigation found no indication that residential buildings bombed by Israeli forces could be considered legitimate military targets.

The organization suggested that all four raids were direct attacks on civilians and civilian objects, and demanded that they be investigated as war crimes.

Amnesty indicated that these attacks confirm an ongoing pattern of blatant violations of international law by Israeli forces, which contradicts claims by Israeli authorities that they are taking strict precautions to minimize harm to civilians.

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