The Guardian: Denouncing Israel's critics as anti-Semites is a distortion of history

A report published by the British newspaper The Guardian confirmed that the exclusion of voices critical of Israel as “non-Jewish” and even anti-Semitic has deep roots, and described it as a distortion of history. Has gone.

The report talked about the story of Dr. William Zuckerman (born in 1885 in Russia), whose family was able to immigrate to the United States in 1900 to escape attacks on Jews, as well as poverty.

The report's author, Kenan Malik, said that during World War I, Zuckerman returned to Europe to work with a charitable foundation to help American Jewish soldiers. He settled in London and established the European office of The Jewish Morning Journal.

In 1948, he returned to the United States and, with the establishment of the new State of Israel, founded the Jewish Newsletter. Zuckerman's articles were published in dozens of Jewish newspapers and he became a correspondent for a British Jewish newspaper in New York.

don't criticize israel

The author pointed out that it was possible for the Jewish establishment to adopt Zuckerman as an ideal public figure, but there was one problem preventing this, which was his frequent criticism of the policies of the newly established State of Israel.

Zuckerman's defense of Palestinian refugees alarmed Israeli diplomats, who succeeded in waging a behind-the-scenes campaign to prevent his work from being published in the Jewish press.

Zuckerman's story is one of many told by Jeffrey Levin in his new book, “Our Palestinian Question,” about the forgotten history of anti-Semitism in the United States in the decades after Israel's establishment, the author said. And it is one of several novels to be published this year exploring the history of American anti-Semitism, of Zionism and supporting the Palestinian cause.

Malek explained that while some Jews see that the Hamas movement is an existential threat to Israel, it has the right to take any necessary measures to eliminate it, while others see that after the previous October 7 attacks whatever “Atrocities” have occurred. The destruction of Gaza and the killing of more than 25,000 Palestinians and the displacement of almost the entire population is unjustified and contrary to Jewish moral traditions.

He said this division led to intense debate over what it means to be Jewish and what anti-Semitism means.


In 2021, an article in the Jewish magazine “Tablet” described Jews who criticize Israel or Zionism as “non-Jews”. Three years later, this description has gained greater resonance, and perhaps led to official rejection of the term “Gentile”. The “Jew” is not found in any country more established than Germany.

Susan Neiman, an American Jewish philosopher and director of the Einstein Forum in Potsdam for the past quarter century, said: “To be a left-wing Jew in Germany today is to live in a state of permanent cognitive dissonance. German politicians and the media constantly seek to protect Jews from anti-Semitism. talk, but many people who criticize the Israeli government and the war on Gaza have certainly been ostracized and attacked. I am an Israeli citizen and I have been attacked by Hamas and even Have been accused of being a supporter of Nazism. Mainstream media. Might I add that I am not?

According to researcher Emily Desch-Becker, about a third of those excommunicated in Germany because of alleged anti-Semitism were Jews.

Kenan Malik said that for many supporters of Israel, the history of Jewish suffering – culminating in genocide – made it necessary to defend the nation and maintain its security at all costs, and for Israel's critics, it actually It is this history that creates the moral imperative to defend Palestinian rights.

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