Russian newspaper: Any military operation in Rafah would be costly for Israel

The Russian newspaper Nezavisimaya warned that Israel expanding its operational area to Rafah in the south of the Gaza Strip would further complicate the situation and be politically and economically costly for it.

He said Israel bombed the city of Rafah on the night of February 11, indicating that Benjamin Netanyahu's government was planning to attack the area, where Palestinian civilians fleeing the fighting are located.

The newspaper quoted Israeli Channel 12 as saying that the Prime Minister recently explained to the Military Council that the operation in the far south of the Gaza Strip should end before the month of Ramadan and the reason for this is the increasing international pressure on Israel.

At the same session, Chief of the General Staff Harzi Halevy said that the army is ready for the operation, but it is necessary for the Council of Ministers to first decide on an action plan regarding displaced civilians from the northern and central parts of Gaza. Patti, based in Rafah, insists that only then can the attack begin.


According to the Russian newspaper, the Israeli army has already received orders to prepare to join the fighting in Rafah, and the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) has confirmed that any attack on the city of Rafah would result in an exchange of prisoners. Will weaken the negotiation process. The movement accused Netanyahu of trying to avoid obligations to implement the agreement by expanding the war zone to include Rafah.

For his part, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres expressed his concern about Israel's plans to expand the scope of its war to include the Rafah region.

Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri also reported that “incidents” in Rafah risked worsening the situation in the entire Gaza Strip, adding that “Israeli military activity doubles the number of victims and worsens the humanitarian situation in the Strip.” “Indicates.”

In a blog post, British Foreign Secretary David Cameron said: “We are deeply concerned about the possibility of a military attack on Rafah, as more than half of the Gaza Strip's population is located there. The priority must be to stop it immediately. ” Fighting to allow aid to arrive and the hostages to be released, and then moving towards a permanent end.'' And there was continuous firing.''

complexity of the situation

The report revealed that the Israeli increase in Rafah could complicate the situation for the Israelis in the Red Sea, as the Houthi group has vowed to increase military activity off the Yemen coast in the event of an attack on Rafah.

The newspaper quoted Muhammad Ali al-Houthi, a member of the Supreme Political Council in Yemen, as saying that his colleagues are ready to continue the armed confrontation until the siege of Gaza is lifted.

According to al-Houthi, the Houthis have always chosen only clear and specific targets to attack Israeli interests.

In turn, David Makovsky, director of the Middle East Peace Process Project at the Washington Institute, ruled out a rapid Israeli advance into Rafah in light of continued fighting by Israeli forces around Khan Yunis and the tunnels, explaining that Israel is currently is also in the consultation phase.

Makovsky believes that it is important for the government and the Knesset to take measures to address economic issues, in order to strengthen the confidence of the markets and rating companies in the Israeli economy.

The Bank of Israel has already presented several courses of action, including Knesset approval of the 2024 budget with all amendments.

Bank Governor Amir Yaron said the government and the Knesset should take measures to address the economic issues raised in the Moody's report.

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