Returning after a long absence.. 5 international albums that the public is waiting for in 2024

The year 2024 is expected to see the return of the most important international names in the music industry with the release of several albums after a long absence, especially after the huge success of Beyoncé's “Renaissance” album and Taylor Swift's “Midnights”. ” recently.

In recent years, singers have traditionally limited themselves to releasing singles from time to time because they believe that the younger generation of audiences – who represent the largest segment of listeners – are more likely to spend more time in their lives. Do not accept full albums due to the fast speed.

Expected to be released soon are Jennifer Lopez's album “This Is Me…Now” and Ariana Grande's “Eternal Sunshine”.

1- Jennifer Lopez

In mid-February we are a few days apart from the release of Jennifer Lopez's album, which is the ninth album of her singing career, and it comes under the title “This Is Me…Now”, through which she Come back after. Absence of almost 10 years. His last album, “AKA”, was released in 2014.

During those years, López produced several cinematic and dramatic works, the most important of which was “Will You Marry Me?” In addition there were the films “Second Act” in 2018 and “Hustlers” in 2019. (?Marry me) in 2022.

The new album is considered the second part of her famous album “This Is Me…Then”, which was released in 2002 and its 12 songs achieved great success at the time, and this period is one of the most popular in her artistic career. Was.

Jennifer Lopez began promoting the new album via her accounts on social media last year, and it includes 13 songs, including “Midnight Trip,” “Hearts & Flowers,” and “Broken Like Me.” Like Me), through which she expresses. Events that have occurred in his personal life and mental health over the past two decades.

Lopez also presents to her fans a promotional film for the album, which will be released simultaneously with the release of the first song through the “Amazon Prime Video” platform.

Lopez wrote the album's songs with her husband, actor Ben Affleck, and it was directed by American Dave Myers, who has previously collaborated with the most important names in the world of singing such as Janet Jackson, Britney Spears and Jay-Z.

2- Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande has been talking about her seventh album, “Eternal Sunshine”, on social media platforms for almost a year, and she has been documenting all the stages of its production with her team through videos that she has published from time to time. Did and finally the production company decided. Present it in full on the 8th. From next March.

Grande released the song “Yes, End” last January, and it still receives high listen rates and tops the weekly Billboard charts.

The new album represents Grande's return to releasing albums after an absence of over 3 years, as the drama she experienced in her personal life had sapped her energy, beginning with her marriage to Dalton Gomez. Then there was their separation last October, which was the talk of the town. International Press.

3- CIA

Australian singer Sia surprised her fans by releasing the song “Gimme Love” from her tenth album, “Reasonable Woman” last September, leaving the audience looking forward to the full album, which will be released in the second quarter of the year.

“A Reasonable Woman” represents Sia's return to competition among top singers after an absence of almost 8 years, as the album “This Is Acting” in 2016 was her last album, through which she lent her voice to some The recording was presented. The songs he wrote for the most important singer in the world. He later contented himself by releasing several singles, some of which became popular among the masses.

4- Billie Eilish

After 22-year-old American singer and songwriter, Billie Eilish's huge success through only two albums, she decided to leave a time gap between each song release and the next, in order to give the audience a chance to taste her art. She wanted to, and this strategy was the secret behind the delay in releasing her new album because she was absent. She has been in the global music and singing market for 3 years, and her latest album was “Happier Than Ever”, which won two Grammy Awards.

Billy Ilitch's album is expected to be released during the second quarter of 2024, and despite complete secrecy surrounding it, he announced that it will feature his brother, Finneas O'Connell, and “What Are You Made For?” Will involve cooperation with. (What Was I Made For?), which she performed last year for the film “Barbie”, will be one of the songs of the anticipated album, especially after it won the most important Golden Globe and Critics' Choice awards. Being nominated for an Oscar in the category of Best Original Song for a Film.

5- Asher

After stopping making albums for 8 years, American singer “Usher” returned to his fans on February 9 this year through the album “Coming Home”, which has released several songs so far, which were presented by Usher. Did. Multiple artists, including “Good Good” with Summer Walker and 21 Savage, “Standing Next to You” in collaboration with Jungkook, as well as “Risk It All” with ColorPurple and Hair.

Usher was able to benefit from the media hype generated around him due to his participation in the opening ceremony of the Super Bowl last year. After becoming the subject of the press due to his many problems, he announced his return to singing and joined his partner. The crisis with the stars, which disrupted their artistic careers and kept producers away from them.

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