Palestinian officials: Settler attacks increased by 208% compared to before October 7

Nablus- Israel has never given up its agenda of militarizing the West Bank, and from time to time it increases its tight grip on the cities and villages of the West Bank, whether in difficult conditions or in conditions of stability, to the extent that Palestinians are now living inside cages, and if anyone leaves their homes it is not safe for them to return to their homes.

With the beginning of the aggression against Gaza, the occupation imposed strict restrictions on Nablus (the largest city in the northern West Bank) through dozens of Israeli checkpoints and settlements, which prevented the implementation of Israel's plan to blockade and annex the West Bank. it shows. It is divided into “cantons and ghettos”, which disturbs the lives of Palestinians, displaces them, and Judaizes their land at the hands of settlers. Influential and powerful people who commit the most heinous crimes.

On the other hand, in the face of the oppression and arrogance of the occupation, a position of resistance in all its forms – especially armed – took root and confronted the project of the occupation whose purpose is to weaken and thwart the authority, according to him said Ghassan Daghlas, Chargé d'Affaires of Nablus Governorate, who confirmed in an interview with Al Jazeera Net that “the goal of the Israeli siege is political, not security.” Because whoever resists does not pass through the obstacles of occupation.

Following is the text of the interview:

Atef Daghlas – Israeli occupation troops deployed near the Deir Sharaf checkpoint, west of Nablus – West Bank – Nablus – west of the city –
Israeli occupation troops are deployed near the Deir Sharaf checkpoint, west of Nablus (Al Jazeera)
  • With the encirclement of Nablus complete with military outposts and settlements, has the occupation's plan to turn the West Bank into cantons and ghettos turned into reality?

Nablus had been surrounded by checkpoints for a year and a half since last October 7, but after the war the siege increased further. Checkpoints have been completely closed and areas have been isolated, such as the Hawara checkpoint, which was closed 10 days before the battle, closing the entrances to towns and villages between Nablus and Ramallah in the south. In addition, and to the villages of Tulkarm in the west, Jenin in the north, and Nablus in the east through the Beit Furik checkpoint, which surrounds and isolates some 26 thousand civilians.

What Israel is imposing is a political siege before there is a security siege, because anyone who thinks about any security action (resistance) does not pass through an Israeli military checkpoint, and the occupation is also destroying that economic situation. Nablus is the backbone of the West Bank. This disrupts the movement of thousands of students to their most important institutions. They are Al-Najah and Al-Quds Open University.

They isolate Nablus from the rest of the city, through 10 stationary and mobile barriers around the city and its villages, and military points and towers on its mountains, in addition to other barriers through dirt and stone barriers within a village. Want to paralyze it. Northern and central parts of the West Bank. This is collective punishment for the satisfaction of the settlers, because the leader terrorists live in settlements on the land of Nablus, and this is a dangerous matter.

When the economic situation is paralyzed by blocking entry and exit to the largest population center in the northern West Bank, this matter has its own consequences for Israel, as it implements a desegregation policy and separates cities and villages. Converts the West Bank into a canton. Dozens of military posts and settlements, leading to complete inactivity.

Occupation forces during the attack on Madama village, south of Nablus, to prevent the construction of a road into the village - West Bank - Madama village, south of Nablus - Communication point - Al Jazeera Settlers with Rifqa
Settlers along with the occupation army block the construction of a road to the village of Madama, south of Nablus (Al Jazeera)
  • Like other cities in the West Bank, Nablus is seeing an increase in the pace of attacks on settlers and settlers. How do Palestinians cope?

Nablus is surrounded by 14 settlements and 52 settlement outposts, which is no less dangerous and bad. 29 thousand residents live in these settlements, and the most dangerous thing is that they include the leaders of their extremist gangs. The “Price Tag” group lives in the “Yitzer” settlement in the south of the city, and the “Hills Youth” leadership lives in the Yesh Kodesh settlement.

Due to the leaders of settler terrorism, the volume of settler attacks increased by 208% compared to before the war, and about 60% of the olive harvest near settlements could not reach civilians and they were unable to enter their lands. There were no, and this is happening for the first time.

In light of settlers' targeting of civilians safe in their homes, a Palestinian's life has become a matter of life and death, requiring self-defense, especially since the occupation forces strongly support these settlers. In fact, the settlers themselves now take control of matters, and it is they who give and enforce military orders, and we have seen this. By closing the Hawara checkpoint south of Nablus and setting up military checkpoints between villages, they bragged about detaining people, stealing their money, and attacking them, as well as inciting them against Palestinians and their To kill.

We, as the official and popular body, have activated popular guards and security committees and crisis cells more than once, but sometimes the citizen is targeted inside his house and after midnight, so he has to Must defend and protect one's home.

  • The occupation periodically attacks towns and villages in the West Bank – including Nablus – and targets Area A, which is under the Palestinian Authority. So what does he really want?

The occupiers raided Area A and the city centers with dozens of military vehicles, arresting prisoners and transferring them to administrative detention or releasing them after a few days. It is clear that the occupation is intended to weaken the Palestinian Authority in the most humiliating way possible. Sometimes it happens that storming of city centers occurs during the day while Palestinian security personnel are working to destabilize the situation. Sowing chaos, corruption and conflict while disregarding security and stability and any authority on earth.

Only the awareness and culture of the citizen can break this situation. There is a clear occupation program to eliminate any national situation. They want this country to remain in a state of anarchy, but in the end the Palestinian citizens will not surrender. And I will not lose or destroy the resources. As the saying goes, “If I got hungry, I would eat the flesh of my rapist.” This is from an economic perspective, and the same applies to the issue of humiliation, such as many young people preferring martyrdom rather than arrest, while prisoners were stripped naked and forced to kiss the Israeli flag. Went.

This is a message that pressure will generate explosion, because it is the people who want freedom, and have experienced disaster and failure and lived through displacement, and will not repeat it and will be planted in their land and country.

No matter what the occupation and its instruments rely on, it cannot weaken authority, and people still resort to it. The occupation wanted anarchy, but it did not happen because security is in place. The authorities need to preserve the national project and security of its people, and press on all political platforms to decriminalize the occupation.

Atef Daghlas - The occupation killed dozens of people in Nablus due to resistance - Funeral of a martyr in Nablus - West Bank - Nablus, city
The occupation has killed dozens of resistance fighters in Nablus in recent months (Al Jazeera)
  • Palestinian civilians rejected Israeli militarization and created a rare situation of resistance that spread rapidly. Was the posse able to break it?

Resistance fluctuates and in the recent period all the attention has been focused on Gaza and the massacres and massacres there, but there is resistance in the West Bank despite this, and it is visible in any storming of any town or village. The army stormed a village with an entire battalion, but met resistance, which confirms that the Palestinian people have not been defeated and will not be defeated, as children as well as adults know. The occupation wants to evict us from our land, which leads to their resistance. Valid and their patriotism continues.

When we see children being killed and dying of hunger, the occupation compels us to protest in all its forms. It is true that the Palestinian citizenry seeks a position of popular resistance, but the occupation sometimes pulls us into positions we do not want, and when international systems and policies force Israel to accede to the demands of the Palestinian people. If the occupation fails to do so, it frustrates it, and who is responsible for this situation, apart from the silent world that does not force the occupation to bow to the judgments of international legality.

Like peace, war also requires collective decision, and so does resistance. Individualism in resistance further weakens us, and has consequences only for the faction or group. But if there is a decision, consensus and rally around the resistance, that is more important, and everyone bears the cost of this decision, whether there is profit or loss, and so today the resistance is in the West Bank. Close to personal work.

Atef Daghlas - Popular resistance being suppressed by the occupation with its violence and bullets - Popular resistance activity to remove the Deir Sharaf checkpoint, west of Nablus - West Bank - Nablus - west of the city
A popular resistance event to clear the Deir Sharaf checkpoint, west of Nablus, was suppressed with gunfire (Al Jazeera)
  • In the last months – especially after the war on Gaza – we no longer see popular resistance. Was military repression by the occupation troops a reason for this?

Popular resistance cannot stop, however, when all attention is focused on a particular party, as is happening in Gaza, and when Israeli occupation forces are given orders to kill by taking advantage of the war situation, and when settlers 34 thousand weapons are handed over simultaneously in front of cameras, and when they brag about destruction and murder, when they go to arrest a civilian and shoot his mother and father, and when the murder As it happened with martyr Muntaser Saif in Burqa village, north of Nablus, we must protect our people.

For us, the resistance exists, but declaring its activities is strategic and for the benefit of the people. We don't want to kill them, and that's neither cowardice nor fear. Rather, at all times a state and the people are in the form of an occupation, targeting even the ambulance with its fire.

The situation of the people changed markedly after the first 5 days of the war on Gaza, and they realized that this was a war on the Palestinian people and the entire Palestinian existence, ranging from a state of detention to a war of extermination and about the issue Thinking was involved. As displacement and Jerusalem and Israel's ambitions escalate further, regional unity on the ground is needed to stop this.

We have bypassed all containment measures, demolished some buildings, and sheltered their owners until we can complete restoration. In many areas, we have not left the Palestinians alone to fight. The evidence is on the ground and on the state of civil peace called Lebanon. Suffice it to say that we completed 89 acts of reconciliation between citizens. Within 5 months, there is solidarity among the citizens and a very terrible state of disunity.

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