Osama Hamdan: Field accounts say two captured prisoners were not in Hamas hands

Osama Hamdan, leader of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), said field press accounts confirmed that two Israeli prisoners he claimed to have freed in the Shaboura camp in Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, were in their custody. Were not. The movement, rather occupied by a civilian family, stresses the need to wait for details of the incident's resistance.

Israeli occupation forces announced the release of two Israeli prisoners held by the Palestinian resistance in Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, in a nighttime military operation that coincided with a violent bombardment of the city, resulting in at least 63 deaths. Palestinians were killed – including children – and dozens of others were injured.

Hamdan said at a press conference from Beirut – that the marketing and exaggeration of what happened in the light of the defeats and resistance faced by the occupation forces in various areas of the fighting falls within the framework of the search for a lost achievement. resistance, and a blatant attempt to boost the broken morale of the occupation army and its soldiers.

Hamdan revealed that the Movement is engaging in tough negotiations at multiple levels, and fully takes responsibility with all initiatives and efforts that meet the ambitions and aspirations of the people of the Gaza Strip to stop the aggression, end the siege, achieve Is dealing with. Relief and reconstruction, and freeing prisoners in enemy prisons.

Occupy withdraws from Paris resolution

Regarding negotiations on the exchange deal, Hamdan indicated that Egyptian and Qatari mediators informed the movement's delegation in Cairo that its response to the Paris proposal “was positive and opens the way to reaching an agreement.”

However, the response to the occupation, which the Movement reviewed, retreats from the Paris Resolution itself, and sets conditions and obstacles that do not help reach an agreement that achieves the cessation of aggression against the Palestinian people – Hamdan According to – nor does it guarantee freedom of movement of the population and the return of displaced persons to their homes and places of residence.

He said this response does not guarantee the withdrawal of occupation forces from the entire territory of the Gaza Strip, and highlights the occupation's lack of response to the need to open the crossings and the freedom of movement of travelers and wounded. , saying that the equations he presented for the exchange of prisoners confirmed his lack of seriousness in reaching an exchange deal.

Hamdan stressed that the movement is adhering to its position, and is still keen to reach an agreement that would lead to the cessation of aggression against the Palestinian people, the withdrawal of occupation forces from the Gaza Strip, the return of residents to their territories. ,achieves reconstruction. , lifting the siege, and completing the prisoner exchange.

The leader of the Hamas movement strongly condemned the torture, torture, breaking of his hands, deliberate humiliation of Dr. Muhammad Abu Salamiya, director of Al-Shifa Hospital, and forcing him to walk. Due to his refusal to record a video accusing the resistance of using Al-Shifa hospital as a military headquarters, his limbs were attacked.

Hamdan referred to the martyrdom of the child Hind and 4 members of his family by bullets of the occupation army, including two paramedics who rushed to save the family, considering it a “complex crime”. which the occupying forces targeted children and medical staff, and called “a disgrace that time will not erase.”

Nasir hospital siege

Hamdan also condemned the occupying forces' continued siege of the Nasser Medical Complex in Khan Younis city, deploying their snipers around it and targeting patients and medical staff, calling it an “ongoing war crime against the remnants of the medical sector”. Agreed.

Hamdan called on the international community, the United Nations and international organizations – particularly the World Health Organization and the International Committee of the Red Cross – to assume their humanitarian, legal and moral responsibilities and intervene immediately to protect the hospital and its facilities. Features from systematic targeting.

He considered attacking Rafah, which is filled with displaced people, a criminal move that would only be motivated by the personal goals of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, through whom he seeks to protect himself and prevent any further aggression. also want to avoid the right of termination. More civilian blood, as he said.

Hamdan calls on the League of Arab States, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the UN Security Council to take immediate and serious action to stop genocidal crimes in the city of Rafah and to stop the occupation's ongoing aggression against the Gaza Strip. called upon. ,

He also called on the International Court to document “these appalling crimes, massacres and violations” which have continued since its judgment and which have affected all aspects of human life in the Gaza Strip, and to stop this war. Work to make decisions. And take all measures to stop these terrible crimes against our people.

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