Opinion poll: Half of Israelis support early elections

An opinion poll for Israeli Channel 12 showed that 51% of Israelis support the call for early elections in Israel.

It was also revealed that 31% of Israelis believe that Benny Gantz, leader of the National Unity Party and member of the Military Ministerial Council, should break the partnership with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu within the framework of the emergency government and step down from Needed .

Opinion polls indicate that 43% believe Gantz is best suited to lead the government, while 27% say Netanyahu is best suited.

It also concluded that the ruling Likud party, led by Netanyahu, is losing half its electoral strength, while Gantz, leader of the state camp party, has tripled his strength.

In recent weeks, there have been calls for early elections in Israel, but Netanyahu has rejected the idea of ​​elections during the war.

Last Monday, Israeli Army Radio reported that Gantz attempted to overthrow Netanyahu by using members of the Likud party, which Netanyahu leads.

According to the radio, emissaries on behalf of Minister Gantz recently contacted Likud ministers and Knesset members in an effort to promote Netanyahu's replacement in the Knesset.

He said Likud members were told that if they were successful in constructively withdrawing confidence from Netanyahu so that the government would not be overthrown, they would take care of their political future in the National Unity Party.

The idea is to remove Netanyahu and replace him with another candidate from the Likud party.

Without mentioning names, the radio said that people close to Gantz proposed different candidates for the post of prime minister and did not demand that Gantz be appointed to the post.

Against the backdrop of the crisis of Israeli prisoners detained in the Gaza Strip and the failure to find a way to guarantee their return alive, Netanyahu has been repeatedly criticized by the Israeli street and many politicians, even those associated with the War Council. Facing criticism. He further accused his government of failing to detect and deal with the October 7, 2023 attack.

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