Naples, the beating heart of southern Italy… a historical tour near the Vesuvius volcano

Naples is the beating heart of southern Italy. It is famous for its delicious cuisine and is filled with many famous tourist attractions, ancient churches and magnificent royal palaces apart from international tourist islands. Example: Capri Island.

The city of Naples is the third largest city in Italy after the capital Rome and Milan. The city is located on the Bay of Naples, has a population of over 3 million, and contains many ancient artistic treasures.

delicious traditional dishes

Naples is famous for its delicious cuisine. The comfort of fried food, coffee and sugar is palpable as tourists wander through the narrow streets of the old town. Warm pastries filled with sweet ricotta are found at every corner. These pastries are available in the form of puffs (rica), or round as short-crust pastries (frola). In the old town, this pastry was invented in 1785.

“Zeppole” is one of the traditional dishes of Naples, consisting of fried dough balls with sweet cream, as well as “fiocchi di Neve” pastries, which are among the most famous types.

Delicious dishes also include pasta omelette (frittata di macaroni), potato croquettes (croque di patata), or fried pizza (pizza fritta), in addition to pasta with rabbit on the neighboring island of Ischia.

Naples...the beating heart of southern Italy
Zeppole is one of the most famous traditional dishes in Naples. It consists of fried dough balls with sweet cream (German).

Capodimonte Museum

The Santia neighborhood is one of the famous neighborhoods of the old town, and it is also a good starting point to visit the Capodimonte Museum. The journey up the hill by stairs takes about 20 minutes, and during their climb tourists pass altar structures and images of saints, and the smell of chlorine and detergent floats in the air. Because of people's obsession with cleanliness in southern Italy.

There is a tranquil atmosphere when visiting the Capodimonte Museum. You could spend a whole day in the museum seeing paintings by Michelangelo and Caravaggio, pieces of old porcelain, or a collection of pistols belonging to former rulers. The museum is surrounded by a lush green garden where you can stroll and enjoy the sunshine.

Naples...the beating heart of southern Italy
Capodimonte Museum is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Naples, Italy (German)

Maradona…symbol of Naples

Argentine football legend Diego Armando Maradona is part of the contemporary history of the city of Naples, as he played for the city team from 1984 to 1991, achieving unprecedented achievements by winning the European Union Cup (1989) and capturing the local league title. twice (1987 and 1990), Italian Cup (1987), and Italian Super Cup (1990).

Maradona creates the image of this Italian city, and this is manifested through paintings, frescoes, pieces of clothing and souvenirs.

Naples...the beating heart of southern Italy
Argentine football legend Maradona is part of the contemporary history of the city of Naples (German)

old City

In addition to the variety of delicious cuisine in Naples, tourists have many wonderful options for visiting tourist attractions.

The entire old town is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, and the “Pizza del Belbissito” square represents the center of the city with a view of the Basilica “San Francesco di Paola”. Close to this square is the “Galleria Umberto” shopping district and the “Teatro” opera house. The famous San Carlo.

The Palazzo Reale Palace is also located close to the city centre. The palace was formerly the residence of the kings, and tourists can now visit the living rooms of the Bourbon guardians, which later became the property of the Savoy family. Naples has been part of Italy since the founding of the nation-state. in 1861, but before this date the area was primarily under French and Spanish control.

Palazzo Reale Palace in Naples, Italy exudes luxury and grandeur (German)

Routes of Naples Southernia

Naples was founded in the era of the Greeks, and has a system of underground passages 120 km long, which were built by the Greeks to supply water to the city. These lanes are known as “Naples Sauterranea” and were used to protect the population from bombs during World War II, and tourists can now only access 5% of these lanes.

The income from tourist tourism in these corridors goes to an association whose objective is to reopen the “Napoli Sauterania”.

During the one-hour tour, the tour guide tells tourists the story of “al-Buzari” men, who clean water pipes and deliver them to residents' homes. Because these people would often disappear and then reappear, the people of Naples believed that a ghost lived in the underground passage system, and this is where the legend of “Il Monacello”, the little monk who granted wishes, originated. Is. The figure of this monk is available as a gift in souvenir shops.

Naples...the beating heart of southern Italy
The Naples Soterrenia Waterway is one of the most prominent sights of Naples (German)

fish sink

Of course, tourists can enjoy the marine atmosphere by strolling down the Corniche in Naples and to the Aquarium in Villa Comanella Park, one of the oldest aquariums in Europe.

After visiting the aquarium, tourists can explore the “Kiaia” neighborhood, famous for the presence of several luxury stores, where the storefronts display expensive items, and some dogs wearing jackets.

The most beautiful view of the city

Tourists enjoy the most beautiful view of the city of Naples and the volcano Vesuvius near the castle “Castel Sant'Elmo”. This palace is one of the 3 palaces in the city which were built of volcanic stones.

If tourists do not want to pay the entrance fee to the castle and want to enjoy the panoramic views, they can be satisfied with the view of the Tossa di San Martino monastery, where before the tourists stretches a view of the vast city, wintering in peace. Is bathed in light. And peace.

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