Ferguson refuses to let Tottenham win the English Premier League

Former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson confirmed that Tottenham will never win the English Premier League.

Ange Postecoglou has received high praise for his work since being appointed coach of Tottenham in the summer following his departure from Celtic.

Tottenham, who topped the table last October, are currently fourth with 47 points from 24 matches, 7 points behind leaders Liverpool. But Ferguson feels he will never win the title.

In response to a question from Sky Sports about Tottenham's chances of winning the Premier League title, the Man United legend said, “Not a chance,” before laughing out loud.

Ferguson added, “The last time they won was in 1961. That's a long time. Today's expectations indicate that Liverpool and Manchester City are strong candidates to win the English Premier League.”

The last time Tottenham won the English Premier League was in the 1960–1961 season, when Bill Nicholson was the coach of the team.

Ferguson, on the other hand, won the Premier League 13 times as United coach before retiring in 2013 after a triumphant career.

In 1984, before becoming coach of the Red Devils, Ferguson was selected by several major clubs following his elite success with Scottish club Aberdeen.

During this period, Tottenham were the club most insistent on signing Sir to replace Peter Shreeves at Spurs.

Indeed, Ferguson had set up a meeting with Irving Schaller and co-owner Paul Babbaroff – the club's chairman at the time – and they met in Paris before changing his mind in a historic moment.

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