Electric car industry faces price war and return of the rich


Automakers are rethinking electric vehicle production strategies as a new wave of consumers shift their preferences toward practical and affordable electric options.

A report from Business Insider highlights that the initial reliance on expensive luxury electric cars, once seen as a fast track to profitability, has weakened in recent months as the wealthy withdrew from the market. Are.

Despite the “setback”, electric vehicles continue to be in demand among a diverse group of consumers looking for practical and cost-effective electric options, with a growing preference for hybrid models over pure electric cars.

Business Insider reports that, after halting plans for electric cars late last year, business managers are now readjusting their strategies to adapt to the changing landscape.

General Motors CEO Mary Barra announced a strategic shift for the company some time ago, as she revealed plans to encourage sales of hybrid cars in North America.

Highlighting the company's commitment to comply with proposed fuel economy and emissions standards for the coming years, Barra said, “Deploying plug-in technology in strategic areas will provide some environmental benefits to electric vehicles as the country ramps up charging infrastructure. “Continues to build.” business Insider. ,

Volkswagen and other companies want to produce a range of fully electric cars (European)

On the other hand, Swedish company Volvo announced that it will withdraw future financing from its electric car company Polestar, indicating more challenges facing the industry's electric car-focused plans.

The change comes in the wake of other setbacks, including car rental giant Hertz reducing the size of its electric vehicle fleet by a third.

Business Insider says the auto industry has effectively split into two camps with regard to electric vehicle strategies, with some like General Motors and Volkswagen aiming to produce a fully electric vehicle lineup, while others including Toyota and Stellantis are plugging away. -Focusing on these. Hybrid. Short term.

GM's recent move toward hybrid vehicles signals a growing recognition among industry leaders about the need to integrate hybrid technologies in the near term.

volvo volvo s90 company website
Swedish company Volvo announced that it will withdraw future financing from its electric car company, Polestar (Volvo website).

price war

Tesla, a leader in this field, has played a key role in the recent upheaval in the industry. Elon Musk started a price war, taking advantage of Tesla's high profit margins to lower vehicle prices while maintaining profitability.

This price war has forced used car companies to reevaluate their path to profitability for battery-powered vehicles.

While legacy carmakers are overcoming challenges posed by changes in consumer demands and pricing pressures, the current solution appears to be a strategic shift towards hybrid cars, says the same source.

Market shares of major electric car companies 2022

Business Insider reports that this change is positive news not only for consumers, as rising demand exceeds supply, but also for dealers who are looking to display more hybrid models in their showrooms amid declining demand for pure electric cars. Looking forward to.

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