Displaced Palestinians: We will remain in Rafah and will not leave

There are fears among displaced Palestinians that Israeli occupation forces will launch a military operation in the city of Rafah in the far south of the Gaza Strip, which could result in large-scale massacres and crimes against civilians.

Despite these widespread fears, Palestinians in Rafah reject any efforts to displace them outside the Gaza Strip, reaffirming their commitment to their land, and “defying death in Gaza in order to migrate to Egypt's Sinai.” Give priority.”

In an angry tone and a sharp look, the elderly man, Raed al-Sharafa (62 years old), says, “He died in Rafah by force and bombardment and I will not go back to Sinai. When we left and were displaced from our home, They bombed Abu Bakr al-Siddiq school and my son was martyred.”

He further said, “I was displaced from Gaza to Rafah, even though I refused to go, but because of my son's children who were with me, I was forced to go and my son was arrested by the Israeli army. took.”

Rafah is currently one of the most densely populated areas in Gaza (Reuters)

seventh impossibility

He continued his speech, “If they kill me, I will not come out of Rafah. This is impossible and the seventh is impossible, and this is the position not only of me but of the entire people.” They asked in despair, “How do we? Do you want to go to Sinai and take our land?

Azhar Hamdi, displaced from Gaza, agrees with his predecessor in rejecting the idea of ​​demobilization of the Sinai, saying, “I die in the glorious land of the Gaza Strip, and I never think of going out.”

He added, “Is it not enough that we were displaced within our own land?! We do not and will not accept displacement in the Sinai. Wherever we are or go, they commit crimes against us and They don't care about it at all.”

Azhar is astonished by the Israeli military's insistence on carrying out genocide and massacres everywhere inside the Gaza Strip, without appearing before the International Court of Justice or responding to international pressure.

massacre and destruction

In turn, the elderly Hajj Ibrahim Awad (63 years old) confirms, “If the Israeli army enters Rafah, it will commit genocide and genocidal crimes against innocent civilians.”

In an angry voice, Haj Ibrahim said, “I swear by God, we heard that the army is threatening to launch a military operation in Rafah after our displacement from the north… I mean, where do we want to go ?There is no life left in life, and it is better for us to die right here in our own country,'' rejecting the idea of ​​displacing Palestinians to the Sinai Peninsula. Egypt.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said last Wednesday that he had ordered Israeli forces to prepare an operation in Rafah, while Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant said – today, Monday – that “Rafa forces after Khan Yunis is the next goal.”

warning of consequences

Last Wednesday, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas warned US Secretary of State Antony Blinken during a meeting between them at the authority's headquarters in Ramallah – “against any Israeli military operation to put pressure in Rafah to displace civilians.” There will be consequences.”

He reiterated his rejection of “the forced displacement of the Palestinian people, whether in the Gaza Strip or in the West Bank, including Jerusalem.”

Rafah is currently one of the most densely populated areas in Gaza, after Israeli forces forced Palestinians from the northern Gaza Strip to relocate there.

In recent weeks, warnings have been issued by international human rights and humanitarian organizations that any Israeli military activity in Rafah would result in the loss of many lives.

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