Described as the worst security breach ever… How did an Israeli officer spy on his own troops in the Gaza war?

The Israeli “Wala” website revealed exciting details about a case that rocked public opinion It has been described as the worst security breach in Israel's history, a court in Beersheba ruled last month. Permission was given to publish additional details in the case that came to light.

A reserve officer was able to wander for weeks between military bases where he had no authority to enter, and obtained highly sensitive and confidential information, including the deployment of forces, and passed it on to military and civilian sources, before being arrested and prosecuted. Handed over to the personnel. On charges of espionage and impersonation.

The website revealed what it described as “one of the aspects of the chaos” that prevailed in the Southern Command of the Israeli occupation forces in the early days of the war on the Gaza Strip.

According to the website, the detained Israeli had previously served in the army for six years in several units and had left as a first lieutenant, a rank in the reserve forces in the current war.

Impersonation and rank

The indictment states that on one occasion the detainee presented himself to a man posing as a captain sent by a military formation to illegally obtain information of the highest level of secrecy, and recorded it in various ways. and shared it with civilian and military officials who were not authorized to see it.

The prosecution said the accused met a soldier at his work place, and claimed he had come to offer assistance, but was told he needed to obtain an Information Security Officer license. He took advantage of the soldier handing him his cell phone. Add her number, sending two messages without her knowledge, saying, “We'd love to know how to make things easier in the operating room.” “More effective and what we should do when we receive contradictory reports from the field.” According to the prosecution, the aim was to make the soldiers and officers believe that he was authorized to handle the affairs of the operations rooms in the Southern Command.

He also spoke to a reservist about classified and top secret material and was able to record their conversation using his cell phone.

pressure of war

The Walla website quoted prosecutors as saying that the reserve officer took advantage of the pressure on soldiers caused by the war on Gaza and achieved what he wanted by using licenses, one of which, for example, entered Permission was given. Two people from outside the army went to a military base where they had no right to enter.

This espionage activity continued until the accused was arrested on 15 October, after he corresponded with a female officer who posed as an operations officer on a mission to recruit reserve soldiers with the appropriate qualifications. Introduced myself. During the correspondence, she transferred information to him that she was not authorized to receive.

According to the prosecution's plea, during the period between October 7 and 15 last year, the accused was able to enter the command headquarters, operation room and war room, where he was not authorized to enter, and access his cell device. He was able to do this by using. Collecting and disseminating secret information, including explanations of what means are available to the military and what is not, and military capabilities classified under “Secret.”

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