Britain bans 4 people from settling in the West Bank

The British Foreign Office imposed sanctions on 4 extremist Israeli settlers for violence and human rights violations against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank.

The ministry said the West Bank has seen unprecedented levels of violence by extremist settlers in the past year.

The sanctions impose financial sanctions and travel bans on the four residents.

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron said Israel must take stronger steps and end settler violence in the West Bank.

The move comes after the United States imposed sanctions on four Israelis earlier this month over their involvement in violence in the West Bank.

On the other hand, Israeli National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir said in a statement that Britain's decision to ban the four Israeli residents was a major moral misunderstanding, and wondered why it issued sanctions on all those who participated in the incidents. Didn't do it. Consider this decision as cooperation in the movement and boycott BDS on 7th October.

Ben Gvir said the British decision was not based on any legal background, but rather on data from “extreme left-wing” groups, which, as he described it, reaffirmed their continued support for the settlers.

Who are the four residents?

The British Foreign Office said they are subject to having their assets in the United Kingdom seized and preventing them from obtaining visas to travel there:

An extremist settler threatened, harassed and attacked Palestinian shepherds and their families in the Jordan Valley.

According to the British Foreign Office, in October 2023, Sharvit forced a community of Palestinians, including 20 families, to flee after attacking residents and giving them five hours to leave.

Leader of the “Metarim Farm” settlement outpost, established in 2021, where settlers resorted to physical violence and destruction of property to force the displacement of Palestinian residents in October 2023.

A settler leader who has used threats and violence against local Palestinians since the establishment of the Zvi Farm outpost in 2018, including twice threatening families during their walks.

Was involved in several incidents of attacks on Palestinian herders on the southern Hebron hills.

violence increases

Settler violence against Palestinians in the West Bank has increased dramatically over the past few months, with the initiation of Operation Al-Aqsa Flood by the Palestinian resistance and the beginning of the devastating Israeli war on the Gaza Strip.

The significant increase in settler violence in the West Bank has led to increased pressure from some of Biden's most prominent Democratic allies to take measures to stop it.

According to the Wall and Settlement Resistance Commission, occupation authorities and settlers carried out 1,593 attacks on Palestinians in the West Bank, including 186 attacks perpetrated by settlers.

Estimates suggest that the number of settlements in the West Bank will reach approximately 176 settlements and 186 settlement outposts by early 2023.

According to a report published yesterday, Sunday, by a group supporting settlement, and based on the official population census released by the Israeli government, the number of settlers in the West Bank reached 517,407 as of December 31.

The United Nations and most of the international community consider Israeli settlement in the territories occupied in 1967 illegal, and call on Israel to stop it, but to no avail, warning that it would undermine the prospects for addressing the conflict in principle. Does. Two-state solution.

Israeli occupation forces are stepping up raids and incursions into West Bank cities and towns, as the death toll of Palestinian martyrs in the West Bank, including Jerusalem, rises to 393 since the start of the devastating war on the Gaza Strip. on October 7, 2023, in addition to approximately 4,450 injured and 6,950 prisoners.

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