Analyst: The Rafah operation has not yet started, and Washington fears Israel's sinking into Gaza

Experts and analysts say the expected Israeli operation in the city of Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, has not yet begun, and will require that the United States avoid massacres that could exceed any seen in history, Emphasizing that Washington is still worried about the next day of war and fears Israel will sink into Gaza.

The program “Gaza… What Next?” During his participation, expert and political analyst Muhammad al-Akhras said that the United States is trying to build on what Israel has achieved on the ground, as it is convinced that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is working from a personal perspective.

According to Al-Akhras, the US position is linked to the post-war period, and “there are major differences of opinion between Washington and Tel Aviv, because the decision to enter Gaza is a political matter, not a military one, because it is linked to “To control the crossings and the Philadelphia Axis.”

Disagreement over mechanics of war

Therefore, according to Al-Akhras, Washington disagrees with Tel Aviv not on the major goals of the war, but rather on how to invest in achievements on the ground. Al-Akhras believes that the US is leading the war without a plan. Realize the danger of leading. And is well aware of the possibility that it could turn into a strategic defeat, as US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin warned earlier in the operation, and “therefore he will continue to direct Israel's behavior and prevent its sinking.” He is trying to exert force with all his might.” Gaza.”

Furthermore, as Al-Akhras says, the US, which fought major wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, “knows that the first months in a war are the easiest and that continuing would mean disaster for Israel and the region, given the heated situation. Is in, and so he is monitoring the matter from a geopolitical perspective and knows that Netanyahu is working for himself.

In turn, Ihab Jabrin, an expert on Israeli affairs, pointed out that there is a state of rejection and distrust on the part of Israeli politicians regarding the results of the military operation in Rafah, but he pointed out that civilians and military personnel are trying as well as the military. Also to make collective agreement.

Jabarin said the case could push toward an operation to restore trust, especially since he called it Golden Hands instead of Iron Swords to emphasize its uniqueness.

Military expert Major General Faiz al-Duwairi believes that the Rafah operation has not yet started, and that the violent early morning bombing on Monday that killed 70 people does not mean its beginning, noting that The operation will be complex and will require the evacuation of more than a million people displaced before it even begins.”

Al-Duwairi said that launching the operation before evacuating the displaced would mean that the US would have to ignore massacres that would exceed those recorded in history, as it is impossible to conduct a military operation without it in the current situation in the city of Rafah. As he said, committing such massacres is shameful for history.

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