An Israeli writer told a British broadcaster: You want to condemn the victims of Gaza… you are a hypocrite

Israeli activist and author Miko Peled launched a scathing attack on renowned British broadcaster James Whale and his fellow Jewish broadcaster Asch Gold while hosting them on a television program yesterday, Sunday, February 11, 2024.

“Are you mentally insane? You want to condemn the victims. 25,000 people were killed and over 12,000 children were massacred, and you want to condemn the Palestinians,” Peled said on the “Talk TV” program. Shame on you and you should be ashamed.” You support Israel, which is a racist genocidal state.” “Which you have been doing for a very long time.”

He further said, “You both should be ashamed. The world turned a blind eye to the Nazis when they were massacring the Jews and now when Palestinians are rounded up in poor areas and killed by Israel If there is, the world looks up to them. This is your reaction. You condemn the Palestinians. You call the Palestinians terrorists. You two are a bunch of hypocrites.”

For his part, Will tried to interrupt Peled more than once, saying, “Please stop yelling. I want to answer this question. I understand you don't like it. Okay. When “When you calm down, I want to ask you a question.” ,

Peled commented on the TV dialogue with a post

In another post, Peled said, “It would be a sin to remain silent in the face of these racists who are committing genocide! Israel must disarm if we want to save the lives of the Palestinian people! Do you want an end to the violence? The blockade And a complete ban on arms sales to Israel, with punitive measures for anyone who violates the embargo.” ,

“Israel wants to continue killing, and so a complete ban on arms sales must be imposed. Anyone who sells arms or ammunition to Israel must be punished,” Peled wrote in a post today, Monday.

Israel has been waging a devastating war on the Gaza Strip for 129 days, which as of Monday has left 28,340 dead and 67,984 wounded, most of them children and women, with thousands missing under the debris, according to Palestinian and UN figures. . Tel Aviv appears before the International Court of Justice for the first time since its establishment, claiming “genocide” in Gaza.

A week earlier, British broadcaster James Whale had expelled his guest, prominent political and trade union activist Steve Hadley, from the studio after attacking Israel during the programme.

Steve Hadley, former assistant chairman of the National Union of Railway, Maritime and Transport Workers in Britain, known as the RMT, gave a passionate defense of the Palestinian people, accusing Israel of committing “genocide”.

As the atmosphere becomes tense, Will asks the producers to intervene and escort Hadley out of the studio. When producers were unable to convince Hadley to move from his chair and microphone, Will decided to intervene himself, and was seen on camera approaching Hadley and yelling, “Get out, come on.” To which Hadley replied, “You want to.” Kill me,” and Will says, “I'm not trying to kill you, I'm an old man with cancer.”

Michael James Whale, born 13 May 1951, is a British radio personality, television presenter, podcast host and author who is biased towards Israel, which is reflected in his posts on the “X” platform (formerly Twitter). Is.

miko peled

Peled was born in Jerusalem in 1961. He grew up in a prominent Zionist family in the Motsa Illit settlement, and his grandfather, Avraham Katznelson, had signed Israel's Declaration of Independence.

His father, Matityahu Peled, participated in the 1948 Arab–Israeli War, served as a general in the Six-Day War of 1967, and later, when the Israeli cabinet ignored the 1967 Israeli war crimes investigation , then he became a lawyer for Israel. Negotiations with the Palestine Liberation Organization.

He condemned Israeli forces for occupying the West Bank, Gaza, the Sinai and the Golan Heights, and described the war as a “cynical campaign of territorial aggrandizement”.

Mikko Peled initially followed in his father's footsteps, joining the Israeli Special Forces after high school and earning the red beret, but he soon regretted his decision and abandoned his status once he achieved it. left. He became a physician and became frustrated with the situation in 1982. The Lebanon War buried his service pin.

He trained in karate until achieving sixth degree black belt in 1989. He traveled to Japan, then to San Diego, California, United States, where he had a martial arts school, which he ran and taught.

In October 2012, he sold the company to his best student, David Michael Adams, to focus on promotion of his book The General's Son: An Israeli's Journey in Palestine” in which he tells of his transformation journey from an Israeli extremist who grew up on the propaganda of the Zionist entity and its false vision of the world, to a man who believes that the only solution to the current situation The solution is to irreversibly destroy the occupying entity.

He also wrote a book In the 2018 “Injustice: The Story of the Fifth Holy Land Foundation”, Peled recounted the trial of the foundation's criminalization and dissolution. Holy Land Relief and Development.

He founded the Al-Banna-Peliid Foundation with Nader al-Banna in 2010 and is headquartered in Coronado, California, and commits itself to “peace, justice and equality by working exclusively for charitable and educational causes.” ” telling.

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