Activists: Gaza children are “specific targets” for Israel in Rafah

The Israeli occupation forces said it carried out a series of attacks on specific targets in the al-Shaboura area in Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, but it appears that the occupation forces also targeted children in its aggression against al-Shaboura. created. -Shaboura in Rafah.

Palestinian accounts were filled with dozens of clips of children martyred or injured in Israeli bombardment in Rafah. Photographer and journalist Rabei Abu Nuqira posted a video clip of an infant killed in the bombing in Rafah on his Instagram account and commented on it. The video says, “He was born during the war. What did this baby do?! A baby.” A Palestinian infant died as a result of an Israeli occupation raid on Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip.

Rabei published a group of photographs showing a group of children injured in the Israeli occupation's bombing, and said, “Palestinian children are the target of the Israeli occupation in the raid on Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip.”

Rabie is not the only journalist who has documented Israeli crimes against Gaza's children. Journalist Hani Abu Marzouq also published a set of clips that show the “specific objectives” of the Israeli occupation. He wrote on one of them, “Possession kills children while they sleep.” The video shows a nurse carrying a child who was martyred in the bombing. Business

Journalist Muhammad Qandil Abu Omar also published a set of videos showing fathers and mothers bidding farewell to their children who were martyred in the bombardment of Israeli occupation in Rafah.

Dozens of clips circulating on social media platforms showed families bidding farewell to their children, and one survivor of the massacre by occupation forces said all of her family members, including her three children, were martyred.

“Blood is flowing from his face as if it were tears of blood.” Another photo of a young Palestinian man injured in an Israeli attack on Rask has been published by photographer Abed Zakout.

There are dozens of photographs and clips of children martyred or injured in the Israeli bombardment of Rafah, and the report cannot publish them all, but they will remain a witness to the massacre and massacre against the people of Gaza, especially children.

A violent Israeli bombardment of homes and mosques in Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, has killed more than 100 Palestinians and injured dozens – most of them women and children. The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) continued the attack. Called for immediate international action to stop the genocidal war, and aggression against the Palestinian people.

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