6 Tunisian prisoners start open hunger strike

Six Tunisian opposition detainees accused of “conspiracy against state security” began an open hunger strike today, Monday, in protest of their continuous imprisonment for almost a year, without official charges or trial.

In a statement, the detainees demanded their release and “protection and an end to judicial prosecution against all politicians and civil society activists who are victims of injustice and ill-treatment.”

The detainees also called on the authorities to “step up the judiciary and stop intimidating judges and lawyers defending prisoners of conscience.”

In the statement, he called on “all living forces and every free soul to unite their efforts and speak out loudly, end the policy of intimidation, close fabricated files, release all prisoners of conscience and purify called upon.” “The political climate in general.”

The hunger strikers are: Jawahar Ben Mubarak (member of the National Salvation Front), Issam Chebbi (secretary general of the Republican Party), Abdelhamid al-Jalassi (former leader of the Ennahda movement), Ghazi Chouaichi (former minister), and Khayyam al-Turki. (former leader of the Atakatol party), and Reda Belhaj (former chief of presidential staff).

Ben Mubarak's sister – lawyer Dalila Mossadeq Ben Mubarak, who is a member of the detainees' defense team – said today, “The detainees consider themselves prisoners and hostages in the Mornaguia prison. Despite 356 days of detention without any crime, That hasn't happened.” Till date it has been proven that any prisoner has committed a crime.”

The lawyer further said, “The detained people are suffering from health problems and a state of extreme despair. They are left with no other option.”

The opposition accused President Kais Saied, who overthrew the political regime in 2021 under the pretext of correcting the course of the revolution and tackling corruption, of dominating the government, fabricating charges against opposition politicians and exerting pressure on the judiciary.

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