Will “psychic abilities” decide the race for the White House?

Mental abilities, age and memory occupied a prominent place in the campaign of presidential candidates in the United States, after a report said that President Joe Biden is suffering from memory problems.

Former President Donald Trump accused both Biden and Republican presidential nominee Nikki Haley of lacking the mental capacity to hold the presidency.

For her part, Haley said Trump suffers from mental deficiencies, and said he is too old to be fit for the presidency.

Haley will face Trump in the primary elections to be held in South Carolina on February 24 to seek the Republican Party's nomination to run in the upcoming presidential elections.

The issue of mental competency has become a major topic in the presidential campaign this year. Biden (81 years) and Trump (77 years) are the two oldest people to be elected to the presidency, respectively.

In a survey conducted last September, 77% of participants said they agreed with the statement that Biden is not suitable for the presidency due to age, while 56% said the same about Trump.

Haley, 52, called for mental competency tests for presidential candidates over the age of 75.

Trump is 75 and many doubt his mental abilities
Trump is 75, and many doubt his mental abilities (Al Jazeera)

an elderly person with poor memory

Last Thursday, a report was released by a special adviser to the Justice Department in which he said that Biden has a poor memory, bringing the issue to the fore again.

Special counsel Robert Hoare said in his report that he decided not to bring criminal charges against Biden after a 15-month investigation into his handling of classified documents “because of the President's cooperation.”

Hoare believed that it would be difficult to convict a sitting Democratic president. He described him as “a good-natured elderly man with a weak memory” and was unable to tell investigators the date of his son Beau Biden's death.

Trump said during a rally in Conway, South Carolina that the Hoare report shows Biden is “unfit to serve as our commander in chief.”

Biden, on the other hand, angrily refuted Hoare's claims about his memory, saying in his appearance at the White House on Thursday evening, “I have a good memory.”

The White House continued a broad attack on Trump over his age and mental capacity, as Trump recently made several verbal mistakes and mixed up names.

T said. Biden spokesperson J. Ducklo: “Whenever Donald Trump opens his mouth, he's confused, deranged, a liar, or worse.”

Nikki Haley attacks Trump and Biden and accuses them of being incapable of leading America (Anatolia)

mind of a bird

Trump is close to winning the Republican Party nomination, and is likely to compete again with Biden for the presidency next November.

Trump described Haley, his former ambassador to the United Nations, as having “a bird's brain” and “brain dead”, indicating that she does not have the mental capacity to enter the White House.

For her part, Haley described Biden as “incompetent” and also cited Trump's recent speech in which he confused her with former Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“This is bigger than just Joe Biden. Whether it was Donald Trump who confused me with Nancy Pelosi, it's time for a new leader,” Haley told reporters.

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