White House: Trump's statements about Russia and NATO are “terrible”

On Saturday, the White House rejected statements by former US President Donald Trump encouraging Russia to attack North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) member states, calling those statements “appalling and baseless.”

Trump made this statement during an election rally in North Carolina. The former US president, who appeared to explain what happened at a meeting with leaders of NATO member states, said: “One of the heads of a big country stood up and said: Well, sir, if we ( “We do not pay financial obligations assigned to the alliance and we are attacked by Russia, will you protect us?”

Trump added, “I told them: If you don't pay and default, I will not protect you. In fact, I will encourage them (the Russians) to do whatever they want to do.” .You have to get paid and pay your bills.”

When White House spokesman Andrew Bates was asked to comment on Trump's statements, he said, “Encouraging a murderous regime to attack our closest allies is appalling and unwise, and a threat to American national security, global stability, and “Puts our economy at risk.”

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