“We are with you and we will not forget you.” Al-Annabi fans dedicate Asian Cup title to the people of Gaza


Lucille- He was not the candidate, and many did not expect him to win the title, but he played with machoness and fight, and he convinced the world that the impossible is not Qatari. Qatari and Arab fans interviewed by Al Jazeera Net agreed after Al-Anabi's impressive victory over Jordan and their second consecutive Asian Cup win.

Gaza was not absent from the excitement of the Qatari fans after the end of the Asian Cup final match, who smiled on the “support” team and retained the continental title for an additional 4 years in Doha.

This cup is a gift to Gaza

Qatari and Arab fans expressed pride in the performance of the Qatari team and praised the level of the Jordanian team in this tournament, considering the arrival of two Arab teams in the Asian Cup finals as clear proof that Arab football is fine and the Asian continent. Capable of overthrowing leaders. Such as: Japan, South Korea, Iran and Australia.

Qatar fans dedicate this victory to the people of Palestine and Gaza.jfif
Qatari fans expressed pride in Al Annabi's performance and praised the level of the Jordanian team in this tournament (Al Jazeera).

Al Jazeera Net met several of these fans and monitored their reactions after the end of the match, telling us that what Qatar has provided is a source of pride for the Qatari and Arab people, That Qatar's edition of the Asian Cup is the most beautiful and most impressive in the history of the tournament since its inception.

Qatari Hamad Al-Naimi, who began his speech by dedicating the cup to Gaza and its people, said that Al-Annabi's victory was a victory for the Palestinian team, emphasizing that Gaza and Palestine were the tournament's most prominent titles. , as all matches saw a prominent presence of the Palestinian flag, even in matches in which one of the sides was not an Arab team. Palestinians are present, and they say, this is a victory for the Palestinian cause.

Al-Naimi repeated during his speech – with tears in his eyes, “Lord, my life, Qatar… May God be pleased with you, country of the brave… May my life be sacrificed for you, Qatar… .You have raised our heads and the heads of every Gulf and Arab,” expressing his confidence that the Qataris are safe venues for the home Asian Cup, “She has been with us for the last 4 years, and 4 more to come Are.”

Qatari flood in Asia

The words of Qatari Ahmed al-Marafi did not help, so he started shouting loudly and said: “A broom… What is happening in Asia is a Qatari broom and a flood… Cup next Has been a Qatari for 4 years, so is there any challenge for Annabi?'', he said, adding that he ''wore the Qatari outfit today and the last one'' at the Asian Cup. ''It suits him.''

We tried to calm Al-Marafi and ask him: What role did Qatari fans and fans play in Al-Anabi's victory in the Asian Cup?

Al-Marafi tells Al-Jazeera Net, “Our spectators in Qatar are extraordinary who only accept the Cup, and since the beginning of the Asian Cup, everyone was of the opinion that the Qatari team would not win the tournament in this edition. ” Qatar's performance, especially in the World Cup, was not satisfactory, but we believed in them.'' Brave young men, and we see growing hope in them day by day, match by match and after the win over Iran in the semi-finals . , all of us – the fans – felt that the dream would come true, and Qatar would remain champion of the continent for the second consecutive time, and so the Qatari fans did not abandon their team. In all the matches, she was the No. 1 player in the team.

A child from Qatar gives the gift of victory to the children of Gaza.jfif
Fahd al-Shaabi: I say to the children of Gaza that this victory and this Cup are a gift to you from the children of Qatar (Al-Jazeera)

He concluded, “Certainly, we Qataris dedicate this victory to the people of Gaza and to the entire Palestinian people, and we tell them that we will not forget you in joy and in pain. You are in our hearts, and we thank you for your Pray for victory and relief. You were the true champion of the cup, and were absent in all the matches of the tournament.”

As for Fahd al-Shaabi, the Qatari boy who had the Qatari flag tied around his neck and the Palestinian flag in his hand, he came up to us and said, “I have been waiting for this historic night for almost a month. Waiting for.” Do one thing: Raise the flag of Qatar and Palestine, and tell all the people that the sweetest and most beautiful victory is for Gaza, and I say to the children of Gaza: This victory and this Cup is a victory for you on behalf of the children of Qatar. is a gift . We love you very much.”

A historic championship for star players

We moved on to talk to Jordan fans who walked out of the match stadium with shock on their faces at the unexpected result and unsatisfactory performance, in their opinion, telling them that the performance in the final match did not reflect their team. , who presented a historic and extraordinary tournament, praised the good organization of the tournament and the dazzling atmosphere it provided. Qatar for all the fans around the world.

Regarding the reason for the Jordan team's crushing defeat, fan Bara Al-Sawalha said that he was surprised by the performance of his team's players, especially during the first half, and pointed out that the Qatari team was able to surround Yazan Al-Sawalah. Naimat and Musa al-Tamari, who reduced the threat of al-Nashama.

He concluded, “Despite the defeat and unsatisfactory performance in the final, we will remain behind this team and its heroic coach Hassan Amouta. He has delighted us with wonderful victories and results throughout a month. Congratulations to Qatar and the people of Qatar. . Their victory is our victory and their cup is our cup. We are Arabs and there is no difference between us.”

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