UNICEF: How many children will die before Gaza's nightmare ends?

Catherine Russell, executive director of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), asked on Sunday how many children would die in the Gaza Strip before this nightmare ends.

Commenting on the martyrdom of 6-year-old Hind Rajab in Gaza City, Russell said in a post on the tried.” For his mother.”

A few days earlier, the Red Crescent Society had announced that its ambulance – which had set out to rescue Baby Hind 12 days earlier – had been bombed in the Tal al-Hawa area (West), killing the driver inside. The group was martyred.

On 29 January, a Red Crescent ambulance crew set out to rescue two girls, Liane and Hind, after they were surrounded by Israeli Army tanks and soldiers inside a vehicle near the Fares gas station, west of Gaza, in which they were carrying their Was with family members. According to a statement released by the association at the time, the city.

A day later, the association announced the martyrdom of the child Layan after she spoke on the phone to the Crescent Crescent crew asking for help while Hind was trapped inside the vehicle surrounded by captured tanks and soldiers.

During the past two weeks, the Israeli army carried out a significant re-infiltration of several areas of the Gaza Governorate, with the implementation of military operations and intense air and artillery bombardment, and requested the evacuation of several residential neighborhoods.

At dawn on Saturday, the army withdrew from several areas west of Gaza City, leaving the crime scene.

The government media office in Gaza said approximately 17,000 Palestinian children in the Strip are now living without one or both of their parents due to killing or arrest as a result of the ongoing Israeli war.

Since last October 7, Israeli forces have been waging a devastating war on Gaza, which as of today, Sunday, has left 28,176 martyred and 67,784 injured – the majority of whom are children and women – in addition to thousands of people missing under the debris. Are.

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