The movie “The Beekeeper”… Illusion Cinema brings down the US President

Despite the high professionalism in designing and executing battles in the film “The Beekeeper”, British actor Jason Statham's confidence – which is visible on his face – is the most important inspiration for the audience to believe that a man American elite forces were able to defeat hundreds of militants and burn a large number of people. The President of the United States himself fell from buildings.

What's striking about the film, directed by David Ayer, is its new analogy of the United States as a country shaped like a beehive, in which one person is elected in complete secret, called a beehive. Any internal threat has to be removed. Which the state has exposed, even if it poses a threat to the President.

Despite a large number of deaths at the hands of a single man and action sequences that always suggest that this man's opponents are merely puppets waiting to be beaten, the film begins from a very tender human place, as Adam Clay (Jason Statham) expresses his gratitude. To an old woman when she agreed to lend a part of the garden to her house so that she could use it to tend her beehives.

The mysterious “beekeeper” goes off to work, while the woman returns to her home and is exposed to an electronic fraud through the computer and her money is stolen, along with the money of the charitable organization she runs. are stolen, which prompts him to commit suicide. ,

British actor Jason Statham as Adam Clay in the film “The Beekeeper” (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer)

“The Beekeeper” begins a journey to seek revenge on the impostors, while his daughter, an FBI agent, Verona Packer (Amy Raver-Lampman), tries to reach the criminals, but is thwarted by the presence of victims and the burning of several people. And the state of destruction buildings lead him to pursue Clay, who wants to avenge his mother's death.

Events reveal that Clay is not just a beekeeper, but a member of a secret organization that considers the United States a beehive, and mandates its members to protect that hive from all forms of corruption. , particularly those that result in vulnerable and isolated people.

Clay had already retired, but he returned to work to face a different kind of impostor. He is a conglomerate of major information companies owned by the son of the President of the United States, named Derek Danforth (Josh Hutcherson), and the companies are protected by the former head of the CIA (Jeremy Irons).

cell rhythm

At the beginning of the film, the film reveals the peace and beauty of the neighborhood in which Adam Clay decided to settle. It is a type of residential area in which retired and elderly people live, and is characterized by a high rate of security, peace, and the presence of gardens attached to the houses.

In revealing the neighborhood with the camera, David Ayer provides a haunting depth to those contemplating the scene. There is an upcoming horror that the music did not predict, but it is the apparent depth behind the hero as he stretches out through the neighborhood completely empty except for trees and weak light, and it predicts what is about to happen.

The creator of the piece used a parallel montage of two operations by Clay to remove bees from the hives and the scam perpetrated by the gang on the old woman, and despite the rhythm and cuts between the two dramatic lines, this link is established between them through the montage. The narrative structure seemed unsuccessful.

We are facing a fraud characterized by meanness and contempt. There is a man who produces honey for the purpose of gifting it to his neighbors who are retired, elderly and infirm. The relationship between them comes with a controversial parallel cut. It is not enough that their occurrence within a cell or their complete contradiction is the best justification for parallel cuts, because similarity is not enough. This refers to the director's love for the fast and interwoven rhythm of an action film that started out smoothly, so much so that its owner feared audiences would mistake it for a social film.

there is no room for logic

Clay was able to eliminate dozens of combatants from presidential guards, mercenaries, and armed gang members in individual combat situations, despite being simultaneously present. He would grapple with one of them while the others watched until he finished with his partner, then it would be the next person's turn to eliminate him, and so the film instead featured a Took the form of video games. The format of a cinematic film requires some logic in its events, sometimes reaching the point of absurdity.

These impossible feats seem entirely imaginary, but they are necessary in commercial cinema, which gives audiences false hope and illusions and an unrealistic ability to achieve the impossible while sitting on the edge of their seats in front of the screen.

In the film, David Ayer crossed the line between illusion and lie that was agreed upon between the viewer and the creator of the work, as he presented a pure illusion that was only supported by the confidence that covered Statham's face. , and this also applies to the situation of the daughter of the first victim in the work, Verona Parker, who works at the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Her position against Clay remains sharp and clear throughout the work, as she works in the service of the law, and prefers to discover and prosecute criminals, while the “Beekeeper” pursues and kills them. kills, and at the end of the work she leaves him to escape, implying a concession to the value of obeying the law.

Justice or law?

Jason Statham, as Adam Clay, joins a long line of cinematic and literary characters in Western and Arab cultures who decide to work for justice and go beyond the law to do so.

Perhaps the question of justice or law is one of the oldest in literature and cinema, especially in police works that provide examples of heroes whose goal is to achieve justice, but the law hinders their achievement, so they bypass it and They sacrifice their social existence. Establish justice.

Actress Amy Raver-Lampen or agent Verona Packer
Actress Amy Raver-Lampen or Agent Verona Packer in the film “The Beekeeper” (Social Networking Sites)

The producers of the film “The Beekeeper” exaggerated the “complexity” of the play, as they presented the character of the former head of the CIA as responsible for an organization that betrays the weak, and portrayed him as Clay's avenger. Had to be a victim. Clay also disagreed with the secret organization he belonged to and murdered his successor there.

The protagonist in the film, Al-Nahl, violates the declared and secret laws that stand in the way of achieving justice, and instead of prosecuting the woman occupying the American presidency and her criminal son and her followers, everyone except that woman is killed. killed. Accepted the truth and decided to pay the price.

David Ayer breaks all cinematic and political conventions, in a hyperbole that points to a resolution that does not absolve anyone or absolve anyone of blame.

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