Rukaya.. a girl in the West Bank who was prevented by the occupiers from celebrating her fifth birthday

Ruqya Ahmed Odeh Jahalin, a Palestinian girl from the village of Beit Iksa in the occupied West Bank, was supposed to celebrate her fifth birthday two days ago, but gunfire from the occupation forces prevented her from doing so almost a month ago. A bullet from Israeli soldiers at a checkpoint at the entrance of his village pierced his young body.

Israeli newspaper Haaretz talked about the story of the murder of baby Ruqaiya in a lengthy report by writers Gideon Levy and Alex Levak, in which they highlighted that despite a month having passed since her murder, her story is still telling all Makes one angry.

The report said Ruqaiya was returning to her village in Beit Iqsa in a taxi with her mother and siblings. Just then, the occupation soldiers quickly opened fire on her, one of which pierced her small body, and she was the only victim to die inside the car.

Haaretz said Israeli forces took Ruqaiya's body out of the car and left it lying on the side of the road for 6 hours, not even allowing her parents to approach her. They then took the body and did not return it to the family until 10 pm. After days.

Commenting on this, the newspaper said that what happened gives an idea of ​​how Israel treats Palestinians.

In its explanation of what happened, Haaretz said that during a search of the taxi in which Ruqaiya was traveling with her mother and siblings, random shooting occurred at another car in which a Palestinian man and his wife were travelling. were (they have 4 children between the ages of 10 and 14), as the occupier claimed they did not stop at the checkpoint, and killed them.

According to Haaretz, the taxi in which Ruqaiya was traveling was hit by more than 32 bullets.

The mother tried to save her children by keeping their heads down, but was shocked by the blood flowing from Ruqaiya's back. She tried to get out of the car to convince the soldiers to save her daughter, but the driver told her that if she got out, she would be killed.

She waited inside the car, and the driver called an ambulance which arrived from the “Bedouin” village a few minutes later, but the occupation forces prevented her from passing through the checkpoint to reach the taxi, and then Ruqaiya's soul quickly departed. From reached its source.

Ruqaiya's father confirmed to the newspaper that they waited for a full 10 days before receiving her body, and that the family refused to conduct an autopsy, and took the initiative to bury her in their village.

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