Rubina Khan: They tried to kill my brother Imran, but now he is the winner

In her small apartment in west London, Rubina Khan lists all the cases filed against her family members and their associates in her native Pakistan, and celebrates the victory of her brother, currently jailed former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan. Comment on the announcement. Despite alleged efforts by the military to sabotage his campaign, the Pakistani elections.

Thus, the British newspaper The Times paved the way for an exclusive interview with Robina (73 years old), at the beginning of which she said, “My brother is in jail from May 2023, and my two sisters have to appear on terrorism charges. In, and now also in courts of various places across the country on cyber crime charges.

According to a document shown by Rubina to The Times, the charges against her sister Aleema Khan are, “spreading anti-state hate material through electronic and print media, insulting various state institutions and creating rift between the Pakistani army and the people ” ,

The former senior UN employee said his other sister is facing corruption charges for buying a piece of barren land next to her farm to plant some palm trees.

She also says Pakistani authorities kidnapped her sister's son and his wife, and another had to flee the city of Gwadar by speedboat after they shot him. His sister's driver has been in jail since May 2023, and an old family cook was imprisoned despite being on a ventilator. According to him.

Notably, jailed former prime minister and cricket star Imran Khan led his candidates to a landslide victory in Thursday's elections, the biggest shock in the history of Pakistani elections, according to the Times, which said the Pakistani military had taken everything It is in our power to prevent them from winning.

Khan, 71, was also sentenced to 24 years in prison without trial in the past two weeks on a number of “bizarre” charges, including 7 years of “illegal and un-Islamic marriage” with his third wife. Punishment was also included. According to the newspaper.

Although some officials of Khan's party deserted him in exchange for their release from prisons, those who remained loyal to him were forced to contest elections as independents, and were prohibited from using their popular party symbol, the cricket bat. Was banned.

Instead, they were assigned less attractive objects such as a shoe, a donkey, or a mouse. With many candidates jailed or in hiding and unable to hold rallies, they resorted to campaigning through social networks.

Despite this alleged ban, and the disruption of mobile phone services on election day and the kidnapping of some polling agents on the eve of voting, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party somehow emerged as the largest bloc, winning 100 seats. . 255 seats were announced (out of total 266 seats). The Times led what some have called a “silent revolution” against the military's decades-long manipulation of politics.

According to the Times, the result caused panic in the nearby Pakistani Army headquarters, who were anticipating that their preferred candidate, three-time former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, 74, would come to power.

After decades of direct and indirect rule, the Times says, “Pakistan's powerful generals may have crossed the limits of the acceptable,” to which Rubina Khan comments, “All they did was make my brother more popular. They tried to kill him, then they used these cases to get him locked up.” They put his associates and even a woman suffering from cancer in jail,” she said.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party chief Gohar Ali Khan during a press conference in Islamabad yesterday (Reuters)

Imran Khan is kept in a small cell filled with insects, and is allowed to meet five people for half an hour every Tuesday, usually one of his sisters, nieces and cousins. “He reads a lot, exercises and eats normal prison food,” says Robina. “Her brother has very simple tastes, and he's not complaining.”

At the end of her interview, Khan's sister says, “Nawaz Sharif's dream is that Imran returns to London as he did… But I know my brother. We fight a lot, but I can give a 100% guarantee. I guess he won't go to London, so he doesn't know what to do.”

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