Putin faces 3 war supporters in presidential election

Russian President Vladimir Putin will compete in next month's presidential election against three politicians who support the war on Ukraine, while an anti-war candidate has been dropped, official sources said.

TASS said that the door to the candidacy for anti-war politician Boris Nadezhdin was closed after the Central Election Commission last Thursday barred him from submitting his candidacy under the pretext of irregularities in collecting the necessary signatures to support his candidacy. Had given.

Nadezhdin, who was excluded from running in the election, called the war in Ukraine a “terrible mistake” and said – last Thursday – that he would appeal the Central Election Commission's decision before the Supreme Court in Russia.

The approved list included Russian Duma deputy speaker and New People's Party member Vladislav Davankov, pro-Kremlin ultra-nationalist Liberal Democratic Party leader Leonid Slutsky and Communist Party candidate Nikolai Kharitonov.

Observers expect Putin, 71, to easily win next month's election. Putin decided to run as an independent candidate rather than a candidate from the ruling United Russia party.

Two months earlier, former television journalist Ekaterina Dontsova was dropped from the race, and Putin's critics said the decision to ban her showed that anyone with genuine opposition views would have been banned from running since the beginning. He will not be allowed to contest against him in the first presidential elections. The war on Ukraine 24 months ago, and he said the election was a fraudulent process with a skewed outcome.

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