Occupy seized ambulance keys and surrounded Khan Younis hospitals

The Palestinian Red Crescent said through its account

To understand what is happening around al-Amal hospital, Dr. Bashar Murad, executive director of the Palestinian Red Crescent Society in the Gaza Strip, said that the occupation authorities not only blocked ambulances to prevent ambulance teams from rescuing the sick. and controlled administrative vehicles. , wounded and injured, but also controlled the airspace with drones and shot at everyone. On walking persons and our vehicles.

Murad – in exclusive statements to Al Jazeera Net – said that occupation forces attacked the hospital and arrested medical staff, including surgical and anesthesia consultants, preventing the entry of oxygen, and killed approximately 43 displaced people and medical staff. Went.

He also pointed out that the Israeli occupation army has informed us through the Red Cross since last October 7 that it prohibits receiving any requests to coordinate the evacuation of the wounded, and that is why this The number of martyrs has increased during the war.

The Palestinian Red Crescent also published a video clip of one of its team from inside the hospital, in which medical staff, patients and injured people talk about the tragic conditions and circumstances they are experiencing. The volunteer said that they were being directly targeted by the occupation forces. And in the clip, the sounds of gunshots are clearly heard during his speech.

Not far from Al-Amal Hospital, occupation forces surrounded the Nasser Medical Complex and targeted anyone who passed by. Journalists published several clips of civilians being targeted in hospital courtyards.

Journalist Muhammad Salama published a video clip on his Instagram account showing the targeting and martyrdom of a Palestinian civilian by gunmen occupying the courtyard of the Nasser Medical Complex. Another clip also showed the moment an injured man was taken out of the occupation by bullets aimed at the gate of the compound.

Photographer Muhammad Akram has documented a video clip showing the moment occupation snipers targeted a group of people as they tried to walk from the Nasser Complex to a hospital located on the other side. Commenting on the video, he said that anyone leaving the Nasser Complex would do so. They were targeted, and a large number of martyrs were killed on the streets. They could not be reached because of snipers.

A video spread on social media platforms showing Israeli occupation vehicles blocking the northern entrance to the medical complex.

Some Gazans recorded their suffering from the Israeli siege of the Nasser Medical Complex, saying: Inside this place, “Nasser Hospital in Khan Yunis city”, surrounded by tanks, there is my sister, her husband and her five children. Are. , and 200 meters away is my elder sister with her husband and five children, and she too has been surrounded by tanks for several days. And two kilometers away in the city of Rafah, there is my mother who has not stopped crying since their siege. They all separated to minimize the damage, but the heartache and anxiety were greater and more damaging. My mother and I have not been able to talk to my two sisters and their children for many days.

On social media platforms, viewers wondered how long would Kapash continue to commit his crimes without any restraint or accountability? He said there is famine in northern Gaza with continued killings, the siege of Rafah in the south, the targeting of medical teams. The siege of hospitals, and the killing of children and women raising white flags.

One of the commentators also asked who has violated and is violating all international sanctions, and the answer is that it is Israel and the international community has turned a blind eye.

Some observers commented on the Israeli military's targeting of the medical system in Gaza, saying that the occupation forces wanted to take revenge on civilians due to the losses suffered by Palestinian factions in Gaza.

Tweeters said the Israeli occupation claims it brings medical aid to hospitals, but what it does is the opposite; Rather, it attacks, arrests, and destroys medical equipment, not to mention besieging and intimidating the medical staff, wounded, and sick inside these hospitals.

From the first days of its aggression against the Gaza Strip, the occupation has sought to surround and target hospitals and the people inside them, such as the Shifa Medical Complex and the Indonesian Hospital, and has put several hospitals out of service. Is done. Northern and central Gaza Strip, under the pretext of the presence of military targets and command centers of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) within it. Hospital despite its inability to prove any claims of possession.

Hospitals and health facilities are considered civilian spaces and have special protection under international humanitarian law, or the “law of war”. In accordance with international law, these hospitals must be respected, protected and not targeted under any circumstances.

According to the Fourth Geneva Convention, which covers how to protect civilians during wars, it expands the concept of medical facilities to include all buildings that contain, and care for, wounded or sick people, not That only in hospitals.

According to Article 18 of this Convention, it stipulates that “civilian hospitals organized for the care of the wounded, sick, invalids and mothers may under no circumstances be the target of attack, but the parties to the conflict must respect them and They must be protected.” many times.”

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