Newspaper: Biden's omission worries Democrats and raises fears of Trump's comeback

Donald Trump is too old and instigated a coup, and Joe Biden is too old and messed up names. How can America choose its President? With this question, Marina Hyde, a columnist for the British Observer newspaper, introduced the issue of President Biden's memory lapse.

The issue of Biden's memory lapses was widely discussed in the American and British press, with some reporting that these lapses were causing American Democrats to worry, and others stating that Biden was unable to perform the duties of the presidency at the current time. Are not eligible to perform. , let alone the fact that he'll run for another presidency.

What sparked this widespread discussion was special counsel Robert Hoare's report, released last Thursday, in which he noted “the President's limited memory”, and by Biden at a press conference the same day. Reference was made to the Egyptian President. Abdel Fattah el-Sisi was elected as “Mexican President” at a time when he insisted that he had an amazing memory.

A report in the American newspaper “Washington Post” also said that the foreign leaders whom Biden met just last week repeatedly confused him.

At a fundraising campaign in New York last Wednesday, he misidentified the German leader he had met, saying he had spoken to Helmut Kohl rather than Olaf Scholz. On Sunday in Las Vegas, he joined current French President Emmanuel Macron with his predecessor Francois Mitterrand, who died in 1996.

Democrats amid fear and despair

The same report noted that Councilor Hoare's comments, both at the press conference and in the hours before, echoed a network of Democratic donors and strategists across the US who shared their concerns about the state of the state. Were protesting for weeks to control. Biden campaign and its direction, he further said that the sentiments of Democrats across the country are currently ranging between fear and despair.

The report said an opinion poll conducted by ABC News Ipsos last January showed that 28% of Americans said Biden has the mental acuity needed to serve effectively as president, while 47% % said Trump has.

Can't another Democrat be elected?

He said that after what happened on Thursday, the Democrats got scared and retreated. By Friday, major Biden donors were fielding calls and text messages from worried Democrats, asking if there was still time for another Democratic candidate to jump into the presidential race.

The same newspaper published an article by writer Mark Thiessen in which he said: Skipping a second term, is Biden now fit to be president?

He also said that now he is not worried about whether Biden is fit to serve a second term or not, but he should be worried about whether he is fit to serve his first term or not.

Why is there more concern about Biden's condition than Trump?

New York Times correspondent Rebecca O'Brien asked in her report: Why does the age issue hurt Biden so much more than Trump, even though both are over 75? But voters are unlikely to worry that Trump is too old to serve.

He pointed out that Trump praised Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban for his leadership of Turkey, and confused Nikki Haley with Nancy Pelosi, explaining that Biden's case is of greater concern than Trump's case because not only There are deep differences not only between the individuals, but also in how the American public views them, and what their supporters expect. Who are they? This is a division that could play a major role in the upcoming presidential elections.

Source , American press , British press

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