How did activists react to Sudan's possible famine?

Many activists reacted to the UN announcement of fears of possible famine in Sudan and its confirmation that more than 25 million Sudanese face the threat of hunger, more than half the population of 48 million.

The United Nations World Food Program also said it was receiving reports of people dying of hunger in Sudan due to the war.

Meanwhile, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) has warned that more than 700,000 Sudanese children are at risk of being exposed to “the most dangerous form of malnutrition” this year.

The organization expected thousands of these children to die, according to its spokesman, James Elder, who wrote: “If humanitarian aid does not arrive the organization will not be able to treat more than 300,000 of them.”

Many international organizations have warned of a recurrence of major famines, such as the earlier Sudan famine, particularly the famine of “Year 6” caused by drought in 1888, which killed hundreds of thousands of people and It was one of the famines. The most devastating famine.

The modern history of Sudan has also seen other famines, the most significant of which are: the famine of 1985, which coincided with the worst drought wave ever to hit East African countries, the famine of 1988, which coincided with a wave of massive floods Came after. Large agricultural areas were submerged, and the southern war led to famine in 1998, which cost 70,000 lives in the Bahr al Ghazal region alone.

The “Shabakat” episode of the program (2/11/2024) tracked tweets from some activists about what might be causing the expected famine in Sudan, varying between sympathizing with the civilians and blaming the ongoing war in Sudan. Was. Since mid-April last year.

sadness and sympathy

For his part, activist Ahmed expressed sympathy for the citizens and tweeted: “Sudan has entered famine and the Sudanese people have begun to die of hunger. Whoever wants this, God forbid him to do so.” Have done.”

While Amjad attributed the decline in local food production in Sudan primarily to the war, he called on the United Nations to “officially declare widespread famine in Sudan at the national level and deal with the humanitarian situation accordingly.”

As for activist Haya, she expressed her sadness at what is happening in Sudan, saying, “It is heartbreaking. Our brothers in Sudan are going through a very violent war, women and girls But there is no mention of attacks.” He further added, “Deaths due to famine have actually been recorded.”

The owner of the account, Mustafa, emphasized the difficult humanitarian situation in Sudan and said: “There is famine in Sudan and every hour a child dies of hunger, not from war.”

For his part, activist Mohammed expressed his concern for Sudan's future, tweeting: “The most worrying thing is that famine is coming all over Sudan,” adding that “it will be difficult to avert it because of the shortage Is.” Surplus to cover shortfall in most distressed areas.” Pointing out that what makes matters more complicated is “the lack of safe corridors for deliveries.”

It is noteworthy that United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator Martin Griffiths had said in a press statement that the United Nations needs about $ 4.1 billion during the current year to provide immediate assistance to people affected and displaced by the war in Sudan.

Press reports indicate that some humanitarian organizations are talking about other difficulties in delivering food aid to affected people in Sudan, the most significant of which are limited capacities, tense security situations and significant funding shortfalls.

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