Haaretz: Netanyahu prefers empty victory slogans over the lives of prisoners held by Hamas

Haaretz said all signs indicate that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu does not intend to risk abandoning his far-right alliance to reach a ceasefire agreement with the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) because the captives would be too much for him. Can wait.

The Israeli newspaper reported in a column by its writer Amos Harel that CIA Director William Burns would arrive in Cairo in an attempt to advance negotiations related to the release of detainees, after Hamas presented high or almost impossible demands. The US administration believes it has not closed the door, but Netanyahu has. They have a different perception or are restricted by related political considerations for fear of concessions that could affect their relations with the extreme right wing of their coalition.

In an attempt to intimidate Hamas, Netanyahu announced that he had instructed the army to seize Rafah and be prepared to evacuate the civilian population from the area, should Israel choose to comply with their evacuation as per US demands. Is part of. The plan comes as reports indicate that dozens of Egyptian tanks have moved into the northeastern part of the Sinai Peninsula with the aim of preventing Gaza residents from fleeing to Egypt.

clear intentions

The author notes that Netanyahu's intentions are clear from the manner in which his mouthpieces conduct themselves and from the pressure his office is putting on members of the Likud government to declare their opposition to the proposed detainee deal. In fact, commentators on Channel 14 have been publicly preparing to achieve final victory, opining on the need to abandon the idea of ​​repatriating detainees and “slander against the families of detainees suspected of being a weapon of the poisoning mechanism.” “, according to the Israeli monitoring organization.

Under these circumstances it is no surprise that Americans are angry – as the authors say – and not a day goes by when President Joe Biden or other senior officials do not directly attack Netanyahu's behavior, and this anger This leads to more serious measures against extremists living there. Western coast.

The author pointed out that Naomi Newman, a senior analyst in the Shin Bet security service two years ago, had – in an article on the website of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy – ​​called for a focus on the return of detainees and Neutralization of Hamas leaders in the Gaza Strip under the leadership of Yahya Sinwar.

Newman believes that Hamas leaders inside the Gaza Strip object to the idea of ​​redistributing power in the Strip and sharing it with the Palestinian Authority, while leaders outside the Strip, led by Khaled Meshaal, are more open to the idea. Are open.

the burden is on the soldiers

Netanyahu's spokesmen insist on hiding or downplaying the heavy burden Israel's troops face, with reservists, most of whom have been discharged, having to deal with the damage the state has done to their families and businesses during their absence. There are complaints about inefficient methods, and many Army soldier units are angry at the insistence of senior commanders regarding basic conditions such as food and sanitation and the need to give these soldiers rest periods.

In the longer term, and despite the prevailing belief in the “justice” of starting this war, a crisis is developing, at a time when Netanyahu is promising a long war that will lead to complete victory, especially a Bitterness is increasing since the return of reserve soldiers to their homes, in response to this… the steps taken by the alliance and the army.

Despite these circumstances, the Israeli Army plans – as the author says – to have soldiers in reserve service in combat units for at least 35 days a year, and reserve service ending at the age of 40 to 46. There is also a coordinated move to ensure comprehensive exemption from military service for religious school students.

The author wonders: Will this be the straw that breaks the camel's back and inspires a widespread popular protest movement against Netanyahu? Especially when a new failure has been added to the dubious achievements of this government after the credit rating agency Moody's downgraded Israel's rating. However, the Prime Minister declared that the decision had nothing to do with the economic situation, while his Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich is convinced that it is just a political opposition statement. For Israel.

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