Experts and analysts: Egypt could prevent a possible Israeli attack on Rafah

Adnan Abu Hassana, media advisor to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), painted a bleak picture of conditions in the northern Gaza Strip, prompting observers and analysts to believe that the area could be a destination for Palestinians, Which would be forced to leave Rafah Governorate (south of the Gaza Strip) in the event of an attack by the occupation. There militarily.

Abu Hassana hosted the program “Gaza… What Next?” Said in his interview with – that the northern Gaza Strip is not habitable due to the destruction caused by the occupation forces in the last months, and that the people there are dying of hunger. Because the occupation prevented the entry of aid from food, fuel and water.

He confirmed that UNRWA is ready to bring aid stored in the port of Ashdod to the northern Gaza Strip, if Israel agrees to do so.

Given the devastation seen in the north and the suffering of people due to lack of food, water and medicines, the UNRWA Media Advisor confirmed that pressure on the region would increase if Rafah were captured.

starvation war

In the opinion of international and European affairs expert Hossam Shaker, what is happening in the Gaza Strip is generally a war of starvation and impoverishment of the Palestinian people, to which the US administration and European countries have contributed. By imposing sanctions on UNRWA.

In Hossam's estimation, the US administration is pressuring Israel with empty words, and it is still giving cover to the Israeli occupation to exterminate the Palestinian people, warning that due to US discomfort with Tel Aviv, Rafah But there will be no pressure to stop the attack. , as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu plans.

The stranded people are continuously protesting in front of the Rafah crossing gate demanding opening of the crossing.
People stuck in the jam are continuously protesting in front of Rafa crossing gate demanding opening of the crossing. (al Jazeera)

Regarding the phone call between US President Joe Biden and Netanyahu today, Sunday, the international and European affairs expert suggested that it dealt with the Israeli move in Rafah, and he said that Washington realizes that the invasion of Rafah The issue is linked to the completion of the campaign of ethnic cleansing and forced displacement in the Gaza Strip, and he did not rule out that Egypt is a possible destination for Palestinians.

Israeli Channel 12 said Biden, in his call with Netanyahu, expressed his concern about the impact of a military operation on the humanitarian situation in Rafah, and stressed his view that this operation would continue without a credible and implementable plan. This must not continue, and a plan needs to be made to ensure the safety and assistance of over one million people. He took refuge in Rafah.

According to Muhannad Mustafa, an expert on Israeli affairs, there is an agreement between the political and military leadership in Israel to invade Rafah, but disagreements between them revolve around the implementation mechanism, as the military has reservations about the operation. Because “he wants to have a clear understanding with Egypt that is based on a common matter, which is that Israel does not want to be in the Salah al-Din axis.”

The Egyptians, for their part, fear – experts say – that Israel, through the military operation in Rafah, adjacent to the Egyptian border, will force the people of the Gaza Strip to flee to Egypt, which for it would be a red line. And part of its national security.

He believes that the deep state and military establishment in Israel understand the importance of strategic relations with Egypt, and that this relationship is more important than the Rafah operation in the long term. In the context of his speech, the expert described Egypt's role in the Rafah issue as important and effective, stressing that “Egypt can play a role in stopping the Israeli military operation in Rafah.”

Yesterday, on Saturday, Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry warned about the developments in the situation in Rafah, saying that they indicate a deterioration in the strip with serious consequences.

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