Everything you need to know about electronic phone chips (eSIM)

The number of smartphones, smart watches, tablets and laptops equipped with electronic SIM (embedded) is increasing, and thus it is possible to get rid of the use of a physical SIM card, which allows the user to insert a smaller phone card in place. smart fone.

Since Apple iPhone phones contact the iPhone manufacturing company and take a look at the technical specifications bulletin.

The electronic card cannot, and should not, be removed from the smartphone, as it stores all the necessary data in the form of a profile.

How to order a card?

The user no longer has to wait to receive the electronic card profile through mail or email, rather one can book online and call the respective profile through the QR code from the customer portal of the service providing company. and then store the profile. On electronic card.

The German Goods and Products Testing Authority reported that when a user installs an application of a company providing mobile telephony services on his smartphone, he can often request an electronic card directly from the application. The importance of the process is also visible for immediate availability of electronic card data if the smartphone is lost. Where the user does not have to wait to receive the replacement card.

After scanning the QR code or requesting data through the application, the user is directed to activate the tariff automatically. If the QR code cannot be scanned, the sent data can be entered manually in the smartphone settings under “Mobile communications” or “Phone card”.

The German authority said that some companies providing mobile telecommunications services send an additional short text message to complete the final activation. Internet connection is a vital requirement for recalling and activating data, and it is better to do it through Wi-Fi. fi network.

GPT chat application
In most cases, the user can request an electronic card directly from the application (Shutterstock)

convertible electronic card

The German Goods and Product Testing Authority has reported that multiple profiles can be called up and stored and made ready for use on the e-card, even if a specific profile or membership is active on the e-card. .

Its importance is not limited to quick switching between companies providing mobile telecommunication services, but also allows seamless switching between subscriptions. This is an advantage when you need a separate subscription while traveling; This can be easily obtained before traveling via the Internet and storing the profile on the electronic card.

German computer magazine CT reported that this function has led to major changes in the roaming services market. Travelers can book mobile offers from around the world in just minutes and activate them quickly on e-card compatible devices without the fear of losing the card in the mail.

Competition also forces companies to provide good services at discounted prices, in addition to the fact that connecting to the Internet from around the world has never been cheaper nor easier than during the holidays.

working with two cards

Smartphones equipped with electronic cards usually also offer a traditional physical card, so the user can use two lines or two subscriptions at the same time. Smartphones, which combine electronic cards with one or two slots for installing traditional phone cards, are still dominated by Google Pixel models and many smartphones with Motorola, OnePlus, Sony and Xiaomi logos in the smartphone market.

The matter is not limited to having one electronic card in the smartphone, rather companies can install two electronic cards in the smartphone to use two different phone lines at the same time without the need for a traditional card. Apple has provided two electronic cards since the release of the iPhone 13, and Samsung used two electronic cards for the first time in its Galaxy S24 smartphone.

Companies can put two electronic cards in one smartphone (German)

Convert a regular card to an electronic card

If smartphone manufacturers and mobile phone service providers support this function, and the traditional card is disabled during this process, the user can copy the profile data from the traditional phone card to the electronic card.

Apple and Samsung are considered to be among the leading companies to provide this function, which is likely to be available in the new Google Pixel phones soon. The user can find the item “Convert to electronic card” in the smartphone settings menu, but it currently does not work.

Depending on the smartphone model, the user can manually transfer the electronic card from one smartphone to another.

reduce wastage and breakage

E-card helps reduce plastic waste and e-waste; Due to the lack of plastic holders and slides for phone cards that are no longer needed, in addition to abandoning the card carrying system in smart phones in the future, which is a mechanical system and is usually subject to malfunction in smart phones phone.

The number of broken devices may decrease; Since the electronic card eliminates the risk of inserting the phone card incorrectly, this error is especially evident in the case of common holders of phone cards and memory cards.

Apple has taken a new path to abandoning the phone card holder, and has begun to implement it in the United States with the launch of the iPhone 14 smartphone, abandoning the traditional phone card holder in the smartphone.

Smartphone companies take advantage of the lack of slots to install phone cards to design and manufacture new smartphones more freely. Because the phone card holder can be forgotten, and the e-card (5 x 6 mm) takes up much less space than the nano-card (12 x 9 mm), which is currently widely used.

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