Al-Nashma players to Al Jazeera Net: We are working on the achievement of the Asian Cup to reach the 2026 World Cup

Lucille- Jordan national team coach Hussein Amouta summarized the first half of the Asian Cup final, saying, “The course of the match did not go according to plan, and we made many mistakes that prevented us from making a comeback.” Which “Al-Nashama” lost 3–0 to Qatar.

Amouta, who expressed regret at losing the final, further said, “We did not take into account that the Qatari team had strong strikers, who made us make mistakes, and we were punished by giving 3 penalty kicks against us, which was difficult for us. They were harsh.”

The defeat had no less impact on the players and the technical and administrative staff, especially because they were expecting to win the title which was so close to them, but their journey in the tournament earned them the respect of experts, analysts and fans. From the entire yellow continent.

Despite the defeat, he is – according to what he told Al Jazeera Net – proud of what he presented and achieved, noting that it is an opportunity to work towards reaching the 2026 World Cup in the United States, Mexico and Canada. There was a prologue. Time in the history of Jordanian football.

The first person to speak to Al Jazeera Net after the match was Al-Nashma defender Salem Al-Ajalin, and he said, “This is the state of football. Praise God. We performed a tournament at the highest level and so Were able to reach the finals despite the circumstances and abilities.”

Al-Ajjalin addressed the fans' support of the Jordan team, saying, “We are proud of the players of the team. They are individuals who fought despite the circumstances. We proved to everyone that we are ready for the responsibility, and We can play and play.” Stick with any team and win against them with spirit and determination.”

Al-Ajalin further said, “After the defeat, the players felt great sadness and oppression, and they were deeply saddened by the fatigue and great effort they had put in throughout the tournament matches.”

Al-Ajalin told Al-Jazeera Net what Qatar national team star Akram Afif, who consoled him, said to him after the match ended: “Be proud, you are men, and you have reached this level. You have reached. The Jordanian people raise their heads before you. You are the champion. It is true that you did not get the title, but you reached the final.'' Reaching the Asian Cup final despite the difficult situation that Jordanian football is going through. One achievement is to be proud of yourself because you have World Cup qualifiers in front of you.

He concluded, “I don't want to diminish Captain Amouta's authority. He did a high level of tactical and technical work, and the credit, after God, for the national team to perform like this belongs to him. Today's defeat does not mean that It should be that the public forgets the achievements that have been achieved.”

As for “Al-Nashama” veteran player Anas Bani Yassin, he told Al Jazeera Net, “Praise be to God. This is the beginning of upcoming achievements, and it is a foundation on which we can reach Will produce the World Cup, God willing.”

“We wanted to win gold, but thank God, second place and silver medal is also an achievement and most importantly, we will reach the World Cup in the coming time,” he said.

In return, Saleh Rateb said, “The final match is played on small things. Thank God we did what we had to do. Finishing second in Asia is not an easy thing, and from this point we “Will start our preparations for the World Cup qualifiers.” , God willing.”

Jordan national team captain, Ehsan Haddad, expressed pride in the performance presented by his teammates during the tournament, noting that the loss was to the home team and the previous edition's title holders, and that the public presence also contributed to their victory. Gave.

Haddad praised the great role played by Amouta and his support staff in instilling confidence in the players.

The Jordan national team players also received praise from Asian football players and officials for their performance and journey in this tournament.

Qatar national team player Abdul Aziz Hatem said, “I congratulate the Jordan national team for their excellent performance in the current edition of the competition. Their players have not lagged behind throughout the tournament. We are proud of them.”

As for Sheikh Salman bin Ibrahim, President of the Asian Football Confederation, he praised the level of “Al-Nashama” and said, “The Jordanian team, which played in its first final, was a worthy opponent, because He had an outstanding performance.” Will be around for a long time in the future.”

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