This is how displaced people live in Rafah, which Israel wants to attack

The Rafah Governorate (the southernmost part of the Gaza Strip) has an area of ​​no more than 151 square kilometres, and approximately 1.3 million displaced people are currently living there in extremely difficult conditions.

Israel wants to launch a military operation in the city, after destroying all aspects of life in the northern and central Gaza Strip.

According to a report prepared by Salam Khadr, satellite images show displaced people gathering in a very small area of ​​the city, which Israel has designated as a safe zone, and then bombing several areas of it. Is of.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu instructed his forces to prepare for a land incursion into the city, located on the Egyptian-Palestinian border, reinforcing the hypothesis of forced displacement of displaced people toward the Sinai Peninsula.

The United Nations warned of humanitarian catastrophe and serious regional consequences as a result of Israel proceeding with its plans regarding Rafah.

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