The girl's mother, Hind, tells Al Jazeera about the last moments she spent with her daughter

The mother of the martyred girl Hind – who was killed in the Israeli bombing in Tal al-Hawa – did not expect that her young daughter would find no one to rescue or bury her even after her death, as she told Al Jazeera Was. ,

She said – while carrying some of her late daughter's belongings – she could not imagine how a child could see scenes of dead bodies all around him inside a car.

The martyr's mother confirmed that she did not know how she would return to her home without her child, who, she said, dreamed of nothing more than returning home with her father and brother to eat pizza.

He described his last moments with his daughter, saying that he had styled her hair and told her it was the most beautiful thing he had seen on the day she died.

The bodies of the girl and five of her family members were found inside their car, which was bombed in the Tal al-Hawa area of ​​Gaza City. The bodies of two ambulance workers who had tried to save him were also bombed by the occupation.

Among the bodies found was that of little girl Liane, who had been killed by occupation soldiers 12 days earlier while appealing to Red Cross workers.

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