She went through true horror.. The murder of child Hind is a new proof of the brutality of the occupation

The child's mother, Hind, hoped that he would return alive, but after a 12-day wait, she found a shrouded body.

Although the capture bullets immediately decided the fate of those who were with Hind, her fate remained unknown for 12 days.

Little Hind's tragedy began when she accompanied her uncle's family in their small car in search of a “safe” place in the Tal al-Hawa area on League of Arab States Street, southwest of Gaza City.

Soon after the car moved north, occupying soldiers opened fire on it with bullets and shells. Her uncle Bashar, his wife and two children were immediately martyred, leaving Hind and her cousin Layan alive, while bullets and shells rained down. On the car from every direction.

Rescuers called Bashar's phone so his daughter Layan could answer the call, but the gunshots rang out again, silencing her voice forever.

Report: Suhaib Al-Assa

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