Martyrs were killed in the bombing of Rafah and snipers from the occupation surrounded a medical complex in Khan Younis

Israeli bombardment of the Gaza Strip continued, resulting in the martyrdom and wounding of dozens of people in the center and south of the Strip and in the Rafah area, in which the Israeli occupation forces approved the implementation of a military operation.

Al Jazeera correspondent reported that 18 people were killed in Israeli bombardment of a residential apartment in the al-Jenina neighborhood, east of Rafah, and a house in the al-Nasr neighborhood, north of Rafah city in the Gaza Strip.

The bombing of Rafah coincided with the Israeli occupation army approving a military operation there, and the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper said that preparations for the operation in Rafah had begun weeks earlier, and the army had already approved a plan. This includes the need for evacuation of displaced persons.

For its part, the official Israeli Broadcasting Corporation said the military operation in Rafah would begin after the completion of a “mass evacuation” of civilians from the city and its suburbs.

The Israeli Prime Minister's Office said Benjamin Netanyahu had instructed the Israeli military to prepare a dual plan, which included clearing a way for Palestinians in the Rafah area and “crushing” the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) brigades there.

sniper bullets

In this context, Al Jazeera's correspondent said that a Palestinian woman was martyred as a result of being shot by Israeli occupation army snipers in front of the gate of the Nasser Medical Complex, and that there were clashes and Israeli artillery shelling in the surrounding area. It happened with. Complex.

Earlier, a Palestinian was killed by occupation snipers outside the compound.

Martyred and wounded by an Israeli artillery shelling in the courtyard of the Nasser Medical Complex (west of Khan Younis city), at a time when occupation vehicles surrounded the complex.

The occupation forces bombed houses around the compound in Khan Yunis, and fired towards the hospital buildings.

For its part, the Palestinian Red Crescent said Israeli occupation forces attacked the association's al-Amal hospital in Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip, and it lost contact with its staff at the hospital, and expressed its concern for security. Expressed. Its crew, the wounded and the sick.

In the central Gaza Strip, an Al Jazeera correspondent reported that 11 people were killed and others, including children, were wounded in an Israeli airstrike on a residential intersection in the town of al-Zawaida.

Yesterday, on Friday, Al Jazeera correspondent reported that 9 Palestinians were martyred and 11 others were injured. They arrived at Al-Baptiste Hospital after being targeted by Israeli snipers' bullets in the southwest of the Gaza Strip, at a time when Israeli talks are increasing about a possible military operation in the Rafah area.

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