Jordan: Small projects with a little money and a lot of determination

Oman- With rising rates of poverty and unemployment among the population, and in view of the difficult economic conditions being experienced by Jordan, the unemployment rate is expected to reach 22.3% in the third quarter of 2023, according to the Jordanian Department of Statistics, compared to 35% according to the World Bank. According to a report by , the total population in Jordan suffers from poverty, that is, about 3.9 million people out of a population of 11.3 million are classified as poor.

In light of these numbers, many citizens resort to starting small house projects to combat poverty and unemployment, and obtain the minimum necessities for a decent life for themselves and their families.

These projects do not have to cost a lot of money to enter their market, but they require persistence and determination to start and continue until success is achieved, and the most important thing is to know that you want to do, and there are many examples of men and women who surrendered neither to difficult economic conditions, nor to obstacles and disappointments, so they started their own home projects, now they are reaping the fruits of their He had worked hard for this.

This report by Al Jazeera Net highlights several experiments that struggled to achieve success.

Start with just 10 dinars

Mrs. Fatima Al-Saleh, known as “Umm Hamzah Al-Basol”, found herself faced with a real dilemma when her husband found himself without work following the Corona (Covid-19) pandemic , and accompany their children to schools and universities, in addition to high prices, living necessities and inadequate small pensions. Fulfilling these needs for your husband.

Umm Hamza was famous in her neighborhood for cooking and preparing popular foods and sweets, so after much consideration, she decided to start her own project to create sweets, popular foods and meals.

Mrs. Fatima Al-Saleh started her own home project of making popular foods, which within a short time became her family's main source of income.  (al Jazeera)
Mrs. Fatima Al-Saleh started her own home project of making popular foods, which within a short time became her family's main source of income (Al-Jazeera)

Mrs. Umm Hamza says, “I started with only 10 dinars (about $14) when I went to the market and bought flour, sesame, oil and the things needed to prepare the cake and nettle, which is a special Jordanian bread served with goes.” Holidays and occasions and it's very popular.”

Umm Hamza continued her story, “I prepared the cake and the topiary, then I went to a nearby school where one of my relatives works, and I showed the product to the school principal and teachers, who liked what I made And they bought all that quantity.” I had another larger quantity, and I recommended it. I returned home with 30 dinars in my pocket, and I was very happy.”

This initial success was a big and decisive motivation for Mrs. Fatima to continue working, as she, with the help of her daughter, created a personal page on Facebook and another page on Instagram and made short videos about her sweets and popular food products. Started publishing. ,

Mrs. Fatima now earns at least a thousand Jordanian dinars ($1,400) per month, enough to secure a decent life for herself and her family and to put her son through university. She plans to open and expand her own restaurant in the future.

When passion turns into profession

Sherif Kattaneh is an ambitious young man who wants to build a family and a future for himself after graduating from university, but the income from his job was not helping him do so. “I was working in a Jordanian institution, but the income was not enough, and I desperately needed to find an additional source of income that I could rely on,” says Sherif. This is what prompted me to consider the possibility of starting a small business that I could manage from home.”

Sharif was a fan of computers and the Internet, and decided to develop his passion by learning more about this field and gaining expertise in electronic marketing and website design. He also benefited from the open resources provided by the Internet and gradually mastered it. Design, marketing and digital professions.

Sherif says, “After deep consideration, I decided to start a small project taking advantage of what I had learned and my acquired experience, providing digital marketing services to small and medium-sized companies and individuals, through online advertising. Manages campaigns, and designs and develops websites.”

Email marketing is an important, effective, and very affordable option for small businesses.
Sherif Kattaneh benefited from the open resources provided by the Internet and gradually mastered the profession of design and digital marketing (Shutterstock).

Sharif faced many obstacles in its beginning, including financial constraints, intense competition in the digital marketing market, and occasional technical difficulties. “But with challenge and hard work, in addition to my communication and persuasion skills, I was able to overcome these obstacles and turn them into opportunities for learning and growth,” Sherif says.

He confirms that “One of the main factors for the success of the project was continuity in learning and developing skills. I always tried to improve myself and learn from unsuccessful experiences and turn them into constructive lessons. Furthermore, commitment And persistence were an essential part of the project's success.”

As for the financial income from the project, Sharif confirms that “there were fluctuations in the beginning of the project, but with the passage of time and the expansion of the customer base, the conditions improved and the revenue increased. The income now Not too stable at times, but it is definitely enough to meet my and my family's basic needs.”

Sherif Kattaneh advises unemployed youth who are looking for opportunities in the field of entrepreneurship, and says, “I encourage them to identify their skills and interests, in addition to benefiting from open or subsidized sources made available by the government. And recommend investing in developing them.” or private institutions, and exploring the horizons that social media opens up for them.” “Social.”

hello tyrarium

Engineer Taqa Mahmoud Al-Salem found himself unemployed after graduating from the College of Agricultural Engineering. She always desired to continue her studies, but financial circumstances did not help her achieve this dream.

Taka loved reading since childhood, and meanwhile she read about a rare project of growing natural tropical plants inside closed glass containers that do not open after planting them, called “closed terrariums”.

Taka says, “A terrarium is a miniature tropical forest that represents the natural environment of a jungle, and it gives you the opportunity to have a miniature garden indoors and enjoy its growth inside a glass aquarium. It requires constant care. is not required, as it is sufficient for the circulation of water and gases inside the closed aquarium.It is a completely closed system which does not open after it is installed.

Engineer Taqa Mahmoud Al-Salem began his project to grow natural tropical plants inside closed glass containers that are not opened after planting, known as:
Engineer Taqa Mahmoud Al-Salem started his project to grow natural tropical plants inside closed glass containers, which do not open after planting (Al-Jazeera)

Taqa borrowed 200 Jordanian dinars ($282), purchased the necessary raw materials, and began experimenting with growing terrariums in his home.

All the first experiments failed, but she repeated the experiment again and again until she succeeded in growing her first plants, and was extremely happy with the success she achieved after many failed experiments.

Taka describes these moments: “My success was initially due to the grace of Almighty God, and then it was due to my stubbornness, my determination, and my continued work despite many failed attempts. I also received great support from my family. “Encouraged.”

Taqa's first income came from selling glass terrarium gardens to a doctor working in a hospital in Amman, the capital of Jordan. “The doctors were amazed by the beauty of the scene and paid me 100 dinars ($140). This was my first income from the project, and it gave me a big boost to keep going and keep going.''

Currently, Taka is completing her master's studies at university with the income from her project. She gives advice to young men and women who find themselves without work after graduation, saying, “My advice is that everything in this life starts with a small idea. No idea should be underestimated, because it will be the golden idea that will lift you up and carry you forward, and you should not give up in front of moments of failure and persevere. The more you try, the better results you will get. Will do, so there will be no disappointment in life.”

Taka currently aspires to open her own store, which will ensure her expansion under the name “Hello Terrarium” and enter the world of larger decorations and designs that go into interior design as basic details for closed natural walls. Are, and make innovative, distinctive. And unique design. She also aspires for terrariums to become an agricultural culture and a new development in the world of design in particular and decoration in general.

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