Iran calls on FIFA to stop Israeli federation

The Iranian Football Federation announced today, Saturday, that it has asked the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) to suspend its Israeli counterpart due to the war initiated by Israel in the Gaza Strip.

In a statement published on its official website, the Iranian Federation called on FIFA and the football associations to call on the Israeli Federation for a “complete cessation” of “all football-related activities”.

The request also included immediate and serious measures by FIFA and football organizations to “stop the continuation of Israel's crimes and to provide food, drinking water, medicines and medical supplies to innocent people and civilians.”

Iran praised the “success” of Operation Al-Aqsa flooding on October 7, 2023, but denied its involvement in it.

Tehran also does not recognize the Israeli entity, and bans any contact between its athletes and their Israeli counterparts.

Last August, Iranian authorities suspended weightlifter Mustafa Rajaei for life for shaking hands with an Israeli athlete during a competition in Poland, according to official media.

In 2021, Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei urged athletes not to “shake hands with a representative of the (Israeli) criminal regime in order to get a medal.”

For years, Iranian athletes have avoided facing Israeli players by withdrawing or submitting medical exemptions.

According to what was revealed by the British Sky News network the day before yesterday, a group of federations from the Middle East called on the International Federation to stop Israel because of the war against Hamas in Gaza.

The network broadcast a message sent by the president of the West Asian Federation (Prince Ali bin Al-Hussein of Jordan), in which he, on behalf of the federation, called on the Israeli Football Association to “restrict all Called for separation from football activities.” ,

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