International Jerusalem Week concludes its activities with a donation campaign for the people of Gaza

istanbul International Jerusalem Week concluded the activities of its fourth edition yesterday evening, Friday, in which Islamic scholars and organizations provided a sum of money to support and strengthen the perseverance of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip as they continue to live in difficult times. In view of the circumstances. The Israeli attack started on October 7 last year.

This came during the “Flood of Giving” festival event through the “Zoom” virtual platform as a conclusion of the week-long activities that started on the second day of February this year in several countries, notably Turkey, Qatar, Malaysia , Bangladesh, Algeria, Mauritius, Indonesia and Pakistan.

During the celebration, speakers focused on urging people to donate to the people of the Gaza Strip, stressing the importance and necessity of financial jihad in view of the suffering experienced by the people in the Strip, the great role of financial contributions in this. Emphasis was placed on. To reduce the severity of the humanitarian crisis facing families in the Gaza Strip. Gaza.

At the conclusion of the event, the value of donations was 127 thousand dollars, in addition Turkish preacher Ihsan Shan Ocak announced donations of approximately 1.5 million dollars, which were collected by businessmen and traders in Turkey last Thursday. Konya city, in an initiative called “Spending Day”.

International Jerusalem Week Source: Palestine Scholars Association
The fourth edition of the International Jerusalem Week aims to activate the nation's role in the fight against Al-Aqsa floods (Federation of Muslim Scholars)

highest form of solidarity

Shan Ozak explained that the money was collected by residents of the city by allocating one day's profits for the benefit of the people of Gaza, and explained that the campaign would continue for an additional week with the aim of increasing the support provided.

In reference to his participation in the “Flood of Giving” celebration, preacher Muhammad al-Hassan bin al-Dado stressed the importance of effective participation in the “Flood of Giving” and explained that calling this initiative “The Flood” is It happens. To indicate its greatness and immense importance.

Al-Dado also called on participants to donate generously to support the people of Gaza, and stressed that spending for God is one of the highest forms of support and solidarity. He also stressed the need to work in every possible way to support and save the Al-Aqsa Mosque, considering donations for this purpose as one of the priorities of assistance provided by Muslims to their brothers in Palestine. Is.

From Gaza, Suhaib al-Hams, director of the Kuwait Specialized Hospital in Gaza, expressed a painful picture of the reality that Palestinians are living in the Gaza Strip, calling on the Arab and Islamic world to take serious and effective steps to support them. Gaza expressed that the Palestinian people are deeply disappointed by the response of Arab and Islamic countries to the massacres.

Al-Hams explained that the aid provided, no matter how large, is not enough to support the people in Gaza, stressing the need for practical action and pressure for a ceasefire and providing the necessary protection for civilians. Emphasized.

For his part, Abdul Majeed al-Zindani, head of the Yemeni Scholars Association, stressed the legitimacy of resistance as a means of reclaiming the occupied Palestinian territories, and the necessity of supporting jihad with money in supporting the continuation of this method. Emphasis on role.

Turkish preacher Ihsan Shan Ocak - the source is his Twitter account
Shan Ocak said that donations from businessmen and traders in the Turkish city of Konya amounted to about 1.5 million dollars (social networking sites).

promote awareness

International Jerusalem Week featured a number of events aimed at supporting the Palestinian cause, highlighting the suffering of the people of the Gaza Strip, and defending their rights. The defense of Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque also emerged as one of the most important topics highlighted especially with the upcoming month of Ramadan.

The most prominent of these events were the “Flood of the Nation,” “Flood of Scholars,” “Flood of Women Scientists,” “Flood of Youth,” and “Flood of Donation” festivals, which brought together many voices from all over the world. To express our solidarity with the Palestinian people across the world.

Furthermore, it called for peaceful demonstrations to be held while stressing the importance of protecting civilian lives and ensuring the arrival of humanitarian aid, demanding a ceasefire and the lifting of the siege on the Gaza Strip. The Union of Muslim Scholars also issued a call to unify Friday sermons in mosques across the Islamic world to raise awareness of the Palestinian issue and direct prayers for the people of the Gaza Strip.

These activities were not limited to moral support, but also included collecting donations and humanitarian aid, aimed at relieving the burden on affected families and rebuilding what was destroyed by Israeli aggression in the Gaza Strip.

unprecedented dialogue

Speaking to Al Jazeera Net, Muhammad Khair Musa, a member of the executive office of the Palestine Scholars Association, said that “International Jerusalem Week” represents an open global initiative led by international bodies and institutions, aiming to mark the last week of the month. Have to dedicate. Every year of Rajab, which coincides with the anniversaries of Isra and Mi'raj. The anniversary of the liberation of Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi of the Al-Aqsa Mosque is celebrated as an international week, with various programs and events in different countries.

He pointed out that this year's “International Jerusalem Week” had a wide reach and impact, its strength was derived from the sacrifices of the people of the Gaza Strip, and this edition of the event saw unprecedented interaction in the expression of the nation's dialogue with the nation. Went. In addition to the war of destruction carried out by the Israeli occupation in the Gaza Strip… the cumulative efforts made by those monitoring the implementation of the event over the past years.

He pointed out that the struggle of Gaza and its opponents goes beyond defending the borders of the Palestinian territory to include defending humanitarian values ​​and principles in all parts of the world, which requires members of the Islamic State to move beyond the negative phase. Solidarity and fleeting empathy to engage effectively and seriously in current events.

Moussa explained that making a habit of injustice and ignoring genocides is in itself complicity in crime, stressing that current events, particularly in Palestine and Gaza, require the nation to renew its commitment and support this cause. Emphasized the need to make tireless efforts. Support the people of Gaza in facing the current challenges.

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